Méndez Tells a Republican Congressman That Statehood Is The "only Way" For Puerto Rico

The president of the House of Representatives, Carlos Méndez, met with the congressman of the Republican party Michael Waltz to analyze the hypothetical annexation of Puerto Rico as one more state of the United States, in addition to other topics of interest for the Caribbean island.

Waltz, who represents the district of Florida, heard Méndez's statements during a meeting held yesterday at the office of President Cameral.

"We touched on many issues, mainly the issue of recovery after the scourge of Hurricane Maria in September 2017. We talked about the need for funds associated with these works to be disbursed more quickly, as well as the issue of funds from Medicaid and Medicare programs, vital to our people, "Méndez said in a statement released Saturday.


Méndez emphasized during the meeting the importance, in his opinion, of the annexation for Puerto Rico to the United States.

"It is important that all congressmen know, first hand, what is happening in Puerto Rico and the importance of speeding up the admission process, as our people have claimed in the last two status consultations," said Méndez .

"Statehood – annexation – is the only way we have to achieve our highest hopes as a society. That is why it is important that the message continues to flow, continues to reach every corner of the federal capital," said Méndez.

The petition to promote the issue of the political status of Puerto Rico occurs at a time when the resident commissioner in Washington, Jenniffer González, submitted a project in the federal House of Representatives aimed at holding a yes or no state consultation in Puerto Rico during the 2020 general elections.

If statehood prevails, according to the project, admission would be guaranteed in a period not exceeding 30 months.

"As I have always said, we have to exert pressure, we have to talk to congressmen about Puerto Rico all the time. It is important that we knock on all possible doors to achieve equality in the disbursement of funds for all federal programs, as well as for the issue of admission as a state. This is an additional door that we opened and I am confident that Congressman Waltz understood our claims, "he concluded.

Waltz won the seat of the now Florida governor Ron DeSantis in the 2018 elections.