MEPs Urge Evacuation Of Greek Refugee Camps By Coronavirus

MEPs belonging to the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament (EP) demanded this Monday the “preventive and urgent evacuation” of the refugee camps on the Greek islands in order to avoid a “rapid spread” of COVID -19.


In the petition, sent to the European Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarcic, through a letter, the MEPs highlighted the “extremely vulnerable” situation of the 42,000 refugees currently in the area.

If no action was taken, they added, the situation could lead to a “public health problem”, especially given that the first case of coronavirus in Lesbos has already been confirmed.

The Freedoms Commission, headed by the Spanish Juan Fernando López Aguilar, also recalled that many of the people residing in the camps “already have a precarious state of health due to the poor conditions in which they have lived there for a long time” .

“If the European Union fails to act immediately, the situation on the Greek islands will be overwhelming, with the risk of many deaths. This is an emergency and the EU has to react with an action plan,” stressed the statement.

This action plan must include, as detailed, a “preventive evacuation” for the population at risk, greater cooperation in migration policy of the member states, more financial resources and a relocation of refugees, especially minors old.

“There will be no proper control of the COVID-19 outbreak without preventive measures for everyone, including asylum seekers,” the letter concluded.



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