Message From The Government Of Donald Trump To Alberto Fernández: “We Hope That He Fulfills The Commitments With The IMF”

The United States expects the new elected government of Argentina to maintain the country's commitment to the terms of its loan program of the International Monetary Fund of 57,000 million dollars. This was stated today by the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin.

“Argentina has a commitment to the IMF. Our expectation is that this government will fulfill that commitment and if it requests changes, like any other country, the IMF will consider your request as part of its economic plan, ”Mnuchin told Reuters.

In an interview in Saudi Arabia, at a conference on investment in Riyadh, Mnuchin did not rule out a renegotiation of the program, but said the IMF should consider any request for changes as part of its economic plan.


“We want the people of Argentina and the economy to succeed. Our interests are to support the people, ”Mnuchin added.

During the campaign, the president-elect said several times that he would renegotiate the IMF program and suggested extending the debt expiration term to reduce payments.

At the end of August, Fernández began to sketch that as of December 10 he will begin to look for an exit “to the Uruguayan” to ease the burden of public debt. The neighboring country restructured its liabilities with creditors with a voluntary agreement that included payment terms, but without capital withdrawals. Several economic analysts came out to say that this model is not enough to solve the problem facing Argentina.

He also considered that the debt should be redisputed "in a serious and sensible negotiation with the creditors", and allow time to grow.

In a meeting in which Infobae participated, he said he saw no "reason" for Argentina to receive help from the US Treasury. "The IMF loan is more than enough," he said then.



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