'Messi 10', About To Reach 100,000 Viewers After The First Month

Barcelona, ​​Nov 9 (EFE) .- One month after its world premiere in Barcelona, ​​the show ‘Messi10’ by Cirque du Soleil is about to reach 100,000 spectators, as the circus company advanced to EFE.

The creators of the project value positively the reception of the ‘show’ which, before the success of the public, has extended its functions in the Forum of Barcelona until next January 4, 2020.

A month after his presentation in society, which was attended by the Barcelona player, the creative director of the production, Sean McKeown, said, in statements to EFE, that the members of the Canadian company are “very proud” of the result .


“We started on October 10 and we are very proud. The premiere was incredible, with many people and, since that day, it has been one success after another, ”he explained.

According to McKeown, one of the challenges achieved in the first functions of the show is the interaction with the public. "It's great how people interact and also when the audience comes and tells you: I enjoyed it a lot because it was like I was in a football game," he adds.

In fact, for the occasion, the creative team of Cirque du Soleil has replaced the classic circus tent with an enclosure shaped like a sports hall, where the public is located on both sides of a central area similar to a football stadium. In it, 47 artists project the legacy and values ​​of Leo Messi through 18 numbers, including acrobatics, juggling soccer balls and urban dancing.

“We have been able to like circus fans and, at the same time, create a show that is accessible to football fans,” says McKeown.

The thread is inspired by the Argentine star and tells the story of a young man with an inexhaustible ambition and willpower, able to overcome any obstacle to become the best number 10 in the world on the pitch. “It is a show for all generations. I've seen men, who are soccer fans with their women, I've seen 5-year-old boys with their grandparents, having a great time, ”adds the show's creative director.

The heterogeneity of the public is one of the details that has surprised the creators of the show in the first functions, although it is also enjoying great acceptance among the little ones. Beyond the show itself, one of the activities that, according to the creators, is enjoying better acceptance among young people is the Messi10 Challenge LaLiga interactive experience, located in a tent adjacent to the venue.

The show will stay at the Barcelona Forum throughout the Christmas period, until next January 4, 2020 and, after this first month, the company plans to announce a special promotion for families.

The next stop of ‘Messi10’ by Cirque du Soleil will be in Buenos Aires (Argentina), where functions have been announced as of June 11, 2020. EFE