Messi And The Unusual Argument To Defend Dembélé: "" Cannot Speak, Does Not Speak" Https:// "- Ten

Barcelona-Sevilla was marked not only by the Barca win or the premiere of Messi in the season, but by the red card that Ousmane Dembélé received and that is in danger to miss the Classic against Real Madrid on October 26.

The referee Mateu Lahoz did not shake the pulse to get the red card and show it to the French end while his teammates begged the referee so he would not expel him.

One of those was Captain Messi himself, who had a word crossing with the judge and told him that Dembélé still doesn't speak Spanish very well.


""What did Dembélé tell you?", "the Argentine asked Lahoz in a dialogue that released the program The Day After. ""You are very bad" ", replied the referee, telling Messi that the Frenchman went to him from" https: // www." disrespectful form "".

However, the Argentine explained to Mateu that Ousmane "" cannot speak, cannot speak!" Https:// ". The '10' added that "" there was no need (expulsion)" ". "" Make no mistake, Leo. I'm talking to you about that. That's a lack of respect. Be careful, Leo "", the colleague replied.

It should be remembered that Dembélé was the protagonist of the game after scoring the third goal of Barcelona and was very participatory before Lahoz kicked him out of the Camp Nou for telling him he was ""very bad" https: // ", according to the minutes presented by the Spanish.