Mexican Indigenous Designer Alberto López Gómez Takes Chiapas To New York

New York, Feb 2 (EFE) .- Mexican indigenous designer Alberto López Gómez took the traditional designs of the Tzotzil ethnic group from Chiapas on Sunday in a parade organized in the framework of the New York City Fashion Week.

Lopez showed in New York, considered one of the fashion centers of the world, the wide embroidered blouses characteristic of indigenous costumes in Mexico and Central America in an event entitled ‘American Indian Fashion Through the Feathers 2020’, which took place in an establishment of Staten Island in southern New York.

The designer, 31, has developed the brand ‘K’uxul Pok’, which in the Tzotzil language is translated as ‘live garment’, for which he has designed not only clothing but also decorative elements for the home as cushions and tablecloths or everyday items such as purses and shirts.


The Mexican, who began working on the waist loom at age 25, has traveled to the United States. not only to show his clothes at the New York event, but also to take his designs to the prestigious Harvard University (Massachusetts), where he participated in the Mexico Conference 2020 this week.

López, who works with 150 women in the region, was able to hold his parade despite the delay in sending the tissues to the US, since his garments were retained by U.S. customs authorities.

“I am worried that in a few hours I will travel to Boston, but unfortunately the tissues are being held in the US,” he said this week in a call on social networks, in which he asked for help to speed up the administrative process.

“That event that is going to be done is very important for us as indigenous peoples, to represent Chiapas and Mexico,” he added.

In addition to the Mexican, designer Maritza Guevara Sánchez, from Peru, and Sauma Chandhry, from India participated in the ‘American Indian Fashion Through the Feathers 2020’. EFE