Mexican Journalist Calls Johnny Leverón An ‘imbecile’ And Calls Him a ‘pseudo Soccer Player’: ‘That’s Why They Are Mediocre And Losers’ – Diez

Honduras faces Mexico tonight for the quarterfinals of the Gold Cup. Before each game the coach and an assigned player give a press conference, in this case the one who spoke was Johnny Leverón.

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The defender of Olimpia left several phrases that did not go down well in Mexico and more precisely to the journalist Carlos Albert Llorente.


Johnny had said in a conference: “They are not used to a strong foot, to football with a strong foot. They are always used to a football where they take care of them more, where they protect them more, where football, so to speak, takes care of them during all the competitions and it is a very difficult circumstance to change “.

And he added: “It is not in us to change it either and in our mind is to work, to do our football in the way we have been playing and to put the strong foot when it is necessary to put it and play when it is possible to play, you cannot change that type of things from other people’s minds. “

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Carlos Albert attacked that reaction of Leverón, called him “imbecile” and “pseudo footballer”. These were his words on Twitter.

“This was said by an imbecile pseudo Honduran footballer. For this type of posture they are only mediocre and losers, that is, with his strong leg, but his brain dry. Poor football with this type of beast,” attacked the journalist to Leverón.

Honduras meets Mexico this Saturday at 8:00 p.m. and the match arrives with the necessary condiments to be a great duel for a ticket to the semifinals of the Gold Cup.