Mexican Wins Transgender Beauty Contest In Thailand

Valentina Fluchaire was crowned this Saturday with the Miss International Queen award.

Mexican transgender Valentina Fluchaire won this Saturday with the prize Miss International Queen, a beauty contest that the community holds every year in Thailand, and that serves to raise its voice against discrimination.


Fluchaire He received the award from Jazelle Barbie Royale, the American who won in 2019.

Representatives from 21 countries, such as Brazil, participated in the contest Ariella Moura, 22, one of the finalists, who launched a message for equality.

“People are open in Brazil for many things, but it is a very large country … and people suffer a lot of discrimination because of sexual reasons. Many friends of mine were killed,” he said. Moura, which was crowned Miss Trans Brazil in 2019: “I hope things change,” he added.

Moura He praised his parents for the support he received despite the stigma he was socially carrying and the difficulties his transition in adolescence meant: “I am very proud to represent my country,” she said.

The gala is held in the Thai spa of Pattaya since 1984, a few hours from Bangkok, known for its hectic nightlife.

Thousands of transgender people swarm in the streets and pensions of Pattaya to offer their sexual services.

The contest serves to expose the dramatic conditions in which these people live, and to raise their voices against transphobia.

“Having a good attitude shows people that they don’t want us that being a transgender person is not a bad thing,” said the Thai Ruethaipreeya Nuanglee, 22, who also reached the final.