Mexicanas Demonstrate To The Government And Media In Anti-femicide Conference

Thousands of Mexicans demonstrated before the Mexican Government and the media this Friday in a day of protests against sexist violence in the Mexican capital and in several cities of the country, after the feminicide of Ingrid Escamilla whose photographs were leaked to the press. The highest point of the protest occurred in the center of Mexico City, where the women demonstrated against two of the newspapers that disclosed the images of Escamilla, killed and dismembered by her partner. At the facilities of one of the newspapers, the protesters painted the walls, vandalized four delivery trucks and also burned one of them, to which the capital police responded with fire extinguishers. “We want to appeal not only to the media, but also to begin to legislate the issue of protection for victims of murder in Mexico, which in a good way is a negligence of the prosecution and forensic sciences that have leaked these photos, “said one of the leaders of the march. The protests began in the morning at the National Palace, where hundreds of women painted the facade of the historic building while the president, Andr茅s Manuel L贸pez Obrador, offered his morning press conference. Therefore, security personnel from Mexico City placed fences in front of the Palace of Fine Arts, where the activists built an “Antimonumenta” for the victims of femicides, and protected other monuments, such as the Hemicycle to President Benito Juarez. The citizens crossed out these actions of “indifference” of the Mexican Government, such as Yesenia Zamudio, who said that her daughter was a victim of femicide four years ago at the hands of a professor at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) who now works at Petr贸leos Mexicanos (Pemex) . “We would not have to be here, but we are here because they all hurt us. We are outraged. Because so we have to burn the whole city to stop killing us, we are going to do it,” Zamudio told Efe. PRESIDENTIAL JUSTIFICATION Given the pressure and accusations of minimizing femicides, President L贸pez Obrador published a “Decalogue” on Friday against this crime in which he condemned machismo and promised to “guarantee the safety of women.” “I am not putting my head in the sand. I am not evading my responsibility. It is not the politics of the ostrich,” said the president in his press conference. However, protesters criticized the president for the graffiti they made on the walls of the capital buildings and on a pink cross that they placed on the street in front of Fine Arts. “What did L贸pez Obrador say? ‘Yes, let them protest.’ Like saying they take out their tantrum, because that’s what they say, and that’s it. ‘We get rid and it’s over.’ He says his government doesn’t repress. No, of front not, but under the table how he kicks, “Celia Flores told Efe. NATIONAL MOBILIZATION The murder of Escamilla has shocked a country in which 10 women are killed every day and last year registered 1,006 femicides, as cataloged to murder for gender-based violence, according to the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP ). Trouble not only for the cruelty of the crime, but for the capital officials who disseminated the photographs of the victim, the media coverage and the response of President L贸pez Obrador. Around 650 protesters gathered in Mexico City, the Ministry of Public Security of the capital reported, according to which there were dozens of other protesters in high school 6 of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and in the mayor’s office Gustavo A. Madero, where Escamilla feminicide occurred. The mobilization was replicated in the largest cities in the country, such as Guadalajara, Tijuana, Culiac谩n, Veracruz and also in Monterrey, a city in the north of the country in which in 2019 it registered the highest number of feminicides, 19 officers, according to the SESNSP. There, more than 200 women also demonstrated for the lack of government actions to stop this crime. “It is then that this February 14, day in which year after year there is exaltation to that discourse of romantic love, we manifest ourselves by the memory of all those violent companions, demanding the abolition of all forms of machismo,” he told Efe Anah铆 Mart铆nez, one of the organizers.