Mexicans Win And Sign New Contract Until 2024

Red Bull Racing began negotiations earlier this month to extend its contract with Mexico’s Sergio Perez, saying the F1 team wants to reach an agreement this year.

Even the victory at the Monaco Grand Prix could not complete the deal.

The team reported on Tuesday that Perez had signed a two-year extension to stay with F1 champion Max Verstappen until 2024. The team said Perez signed the deal last weekend before winning in Monaco on Sunday.


“Czech Republic has done a great job. He has consistently shown that he is not only a great team player, but his level of comfort has grown and has become a significant force at the forefront of the grid. “The Red Team Manager, Burg Christian Horner, said. ..

Perez is the most successful Mexican driver in F1 history, arriving at Red Bull last season and finishing his best year in 4th place. Last year, Perez won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, won four podiums and became Verstappen’s generous partner in the title battle between Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

Including Lewis Hamilton

In the final race of the December season’s Championship Clinch, Perez faithfully blocked Lewis Hamilton to allow Verstappen to win.

This was part of his role as the team’s second driver. At the Spanish Grand Prix two weeks ago, the team again demanded that Perez give up the lead and victory over Verstappen.

After discussions with the team after the race, Perez was convinced that Red Bull could win his victory, and they completed the contract extension prior to his first year, the victory in Monaco.

World Champion

“This year he has taken a step forward and the gap with world champion Max has narrowed significantly,” Horner admitted. “It was easy for us to keep up with his pace, skills and experience. We look forward to the Czech Republic continuing to race with the team until 2024.”

With the victory in Monaco, Perez has surpassed Pedro Rodriguez as the most successful Mexican driver in F1 history. Perez carried Rodriguez’s case in Monaco, winning his third F1 victory.

“This week was a great week. I’m very happy to win the Monaco Grand Prix, which is my dream as a driver, followed by the announcement that I will continue to be on the team until 2024,” Perez said.

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