Mexico And The US Examine Security Issues

MEXICO CITY (AP) – US Secretary of Justice William Barr and Mexican authorities discussed various security-related issues on Thursday, the Mexican government said in a statement.

Barr visited Mexico in December, and Thursday's meeting was held to continue discussing cooperation in combating arms trafficking to Mexico and drugs to the United States. The parties agreed to work together to reduce drug use and addiction in both countries, the statement said.

Mexico intensified its actions against migrants crossing the country last year and demanded that the United States do more to intercept shipments of weapons and ammunition to Mexico. In 2019, the number of homicides in Mexico exceeded that of any previous year, according to available statistics.


Thursday's meeting took place at a time when hundreds of migrants, mainly Hondurans, began crossing Guatemala to the United States. On Wednesday, Mexican authorities said they would not allow migrants to continue their journey through Mexico.