Mexico Defeats El Salvador And Advances To The 8th World Cup In a Row

Mexico City (AP) — Mariachi enters the field at Aztec Stadium, where players and their families celebrate the eighth consecutive World Cup qualifying round in Mexico.

Now, the challenge for El Tri is to improve what was done in the previous seven editions.


Mexico relied on Uriel Antuna and Raul Jimenez’s goals in the first half to defeat El Salvador 2-0 on Wednesday to sign a pass to Qatar.

There is still a long way to go for Eltri to reach his long-awaited goal of playing the fifth game at the World Cup away from home. Gerardo “Tata” Martino, who leads the second World Cup, admits.

Martino, who coached Paraguay at the 2010 South Africa World Cup, said, “I feel reassured that I have fulfilled my duty and finished my tie. That was what we expected and what we had to do. That’s it. ” ..

The strategist added, “I’m preparing for my goal now. Tomorrow will be a completely different moment than I’ve lived in a tie for the last six or eight months.”

“Wizard” Antuna shook the net in the 17th minute and Jimenez secured the victory by adding a penalty goal on the 43rd. This was enough to put Mexico in the World Cup starting in November.

Martino’s team finished the tournament in eight countries with 28 points after Canada. Canada had the same number, but the difference in goals was wide.

The United States finished at 25. This is the same point as Costa Rica, who finished in 4th place, and will be in the playoffs with Oceania.

In this way, the Mexicans have secured their participation in the World Cup eight times in a row. The World Cup hasn’t been absent since it was approved by FIFA in Italy in 1990 after tampering with the document to improperly line up players in the lower categories.

Mexico has had many problems with attacks, which is Martino’s pending task, hoping to fix them in the seven months remaining before the World Cup, so it is possible to develop aesthetic football. Despite the fact that I couldn’t, I managed to succeed.

“There was a moment of anxiety in November, but the results were so good that in general, football goes from 5 to 6 points, and you need to work hard to get your football level back. I’ll express it in a better way, “he added.

Mexicans will meet their opponents in Qatar on Friday, when the draw will take place in Doha.

Mexico has been stuck in 16 rounds in the last seven World Cups, and leaders hope to be able to take at least the next step with Argentine coach “Tata” Martino. ..

“But unless you return to football levels, your chances (at the World Cup) won’t be great,” Martino warned.

El Salvador arrived out of commitment and used it to lay the foundation for the 2026 World Cup process, where Mexicans, Americans and Canadians have already secured their hosting status.

“The important thing about octagons is knowing where we are. We are 7th in Concacaf. We need a lot to reach the World Cup, but in this short process, that I couldn’t reach my goal. After this, I’ll analyze what I need to climb, “said Salvador coach Hugo Perez.

To confront the key match against El Salvador, Martino changed the first 11 matches compared to the last two and accompanied Uriel Antuna and Alexis Vega to Raul Jimenez. In addition, he sent central defenders Johan Vásquez and Gerardo Arteaga to the bench, replacing Nestor Araujo and Hess Gallardo, respectively.

These moves were almost immediately rewarded with a corner kick play by Arauho on a heading shot by goalkeeper Mario Gonzalez. Antuna took advantage of the rebound to finish with a powerful shot from the right post.

When Antuna entered the area from the right side, Mexico widened the lead, Ronald Gomez was penalized and defeated in the area, and Jimenez scored the center of the goal with a soft shot.

In the 46th minute, the Mexican tried to widen the lead with a shot from outside the area of ​​Carlos Rodriguez, who was distracted by the goalkeeper.

El Tri then lost performance and was not dangerous as Luis Romo’s mid-range attempt was rejected by Gonzales until the 74th minute.


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