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Mexico Defends Its Fight Against Drug Trafficking After Criticism Of Donald Trump | International

The government of Mexico said this Sunday that it is committed to the fight against drug trafficking after US President Donald Trump threatened to penalize the country if it did not increase its efforts in that regard.

“The current administration has maintained its commitment to combat drug trafficking and the violence associated with this phenomenon with all available legal resources,” the Mexican Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

He added that the government has tackled the problem through social programs and “actions to disrupt the chain of drug production, trafficking and commercialization.”

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The Executive of Andrés Manuel López Obrador also boasted of drug seizures and the blocking of bank accounts linked to the powerful Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel.

He also said that Mexican and American members of a high-level group have met on several occasions to address the problem.

“Shared responsibility is one of the fundamental pillars in cooperation with the United States,” he said.

The answer comes days after Trump pointed out in a memorandum published by the White House that unless the Mexican government demonstrates progress in the fight against drug trafficking, “it will run a serious risk that it will be concluded that it has not demonstrably fulfilled its commitments to drug control ”.

In a first reaction, López Obrador had avoided a direct response by pointing out that his government has a very good relationship with the Trump administration.

During his morning press conference on September 17, López Obrador said that Trump’s memorandum “is a point of view that is respected.”

The US president had already warned the López Obrador government in 2019 that he was considering decertifying Mexico in its fight against drugs, which implies a cessation of financial assistance and support from Washington in international organizations.

Mexico is the source of nearly all the heroin and methamphetamine seized in the United States and a transit route for most of the cocaine available in the country, according to US agencies.


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