Mexico Insists On Mediation To Resolve War Ukraine

Mexico Insists On Mediation To Resolve War Ukraine

The Mexican foreign minister, Marcelo Ebard, insisted this Thursday on the integration of a “mediation committee”, made up of several Heads of State and Government, to promote the cessation of the war in Ukraine, during his speech at the General Assembly of the UN.

This committee would be promoted by personalities such as Pope Francis, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, in addition, the proposal, promoted by the Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, also promotes a truce overall 5 years.

“The president of Mexico, aware of the individual and collective responsibility that we have, proposes that a delegation of Heads of State and Government encourage and accompany the efforts of the Secretary General (Guterres) to promote measures to promote confidence, lost today among the Russian Federation and Ukraine,” Ebrard said in his speech at the UN.


This is so that “the conditions can be created, as soon as possible, to bring the parties closer to the mechanisms for the peaceful settlement of disputes that the Charter of the United Nations indicates.”

The Mexican foreign minister said that “in the face of the paralysis” of the UN Security Council they must “offer, among all, a diplomatic channel complementary to the existing ones to interact with the parties in conflict, with a view to reducing tensions and channeling the indispensable mediation “.

He recalled that the proposal has already been shared in recent days with the UN Secretary General, with the parties involved, as well as with the delegations of India and the Holy See.

He pointed out that the Security Council “has not been able to fulfill the mandate conferred on it by the United Nations charter as it has failed to prevent the war and has not taken the measures to put an end to the armed aggression.”

In addition, it has not managed to “direct any diplomatic process to seek a solution through dialogue and negotiation” and “has not been able to ensure that all the required humanitarian assistance arrives.”

Last Monday, the Mexican president argued that his peace proposal had been “distorted” after the criticism he received from Myjailo Podolyak, advisor to the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, who accused him of developing “a Russian plan.”

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The Mexican president, who has previously raised criticism for opposing sanctions against Russia, said last Monday that “the proposal is not well known.”

President Zelensky’s senior adviser pointed out last Saturday that his proposal is actually “a Russian plan” when he asked if his idea is to “keep millions under occupation, increase the number of mass burials and give Russia time to renew reserves before of the next offensive.

This Thursday, Western powers sheltered Ukraine in the UN Security Council in the face of new threats launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who chose to mobilize hundreds of thousands of reservists and remind the world of its enormous nuclear arsenal.

This new phase in which the conflict seems to enter centered a ministerial meeting in parallel to the General Assembly of the United Nations, which has been marked almost exclusively by the war in Ukraine.

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