Mexico Is Paying For The Wall, Says Donald Trump

The president of the United States (EU), Donald Trump, said that “with all due respect”, Mexico is paying for the wall that is built on the border, and that it is also something that is convenient for the Mexican Government.

During a rally in New Jersey, Trump took out his combative side and said that “with all due respect to Mexico, we really like Mexico and we get along very well with them and their President is a friend of mine, and is doing a fantastic job, on the border , and it is a difficult situation, but Mexico is, in fact, they will soon find out, paying for the wall. ”

The statement was received with applause from the attendees, after which the president insisted that "the wall is being paid, at the end of the day and very kindly, by Mexico." As he argued, the fence "is an advantage for Mexico also when you think about it", because it is "a vital barrier to prevent deadly drugs from entering these communities; what we are doing is stopping drugs in historical figures. ”


Mexico has always refused to pay the border wall that was Trump's campaign promise in 2016 and that unleashed serious friction with the former Mexican administration of Enrique Peña Nieto.

However, during the current Government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Trump threatened to impose tariffs on Mexico unless it contained migrants, to which the Mexican president responded by sending thousands of elements to the National Guard to stop the passage of the migrants who cross the territory destined for American soil, in fact becoming a retaining wall.

In addition, under the “Stay in Mexico” or “Migration Protocols” program, which is now one year old after entering into force, migrants who arrive at the Mexican northern border and apply for asylum in the United States wait for the Mexican side to Your processes are resolved.



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