Mexico Surrendered To The Interests Of Donald Trump: Irineo Mujica

Irineo recalled that migrants have not received decent treatment from Mexican authorities and that due to these injustices and foreigners wanted to escape | Photo: Town without Borders

Irineo Mujica criticized the authorities for preventing the advance of migrants, denying them decent treatment or allowing them free transit through the country


Mexico is more concerned with maintaining the relationship with Donald Trump than protecting the lives of people who have been displaced by violence in their countries of origin, said the activist and leader of Pueblo sin Frontera, Irineo Mujica.

Irineo Mujica's statement comes a day after the country's authorities, through the National Migration Institute (INM) and the National Guard dissolved the caravan made up of thousands of migrants from several countries whose goal was to arrive from Tapachula, Chiapas, to the northern border of the country.

Through a brief statement, Irineo Mujica said that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has focused on criminalizing activists who support migrants and blames them for organizing these movements, referring to them as criminals.

“Yesterday we could clearly see that this is not true. They are organized by people displaced from their homes, tired of containment policies – including discrimination, bureaucracy and corruption of the National Migration Institute – who move collectively for their mutual protection, ”said the activist.

He added that Ebrard and AMLO have sold for their political interests before the United States, serving a wicked and cruel person who basically seeks the extermination of migrants.

Irineo recalled that migrants have not received decent treatment from Mexican authorities and that due to these injustices and foreigners wanted to escape.

However, "the National Guard forcibly lifted them and threw them back, again at the mouth of the wolf in the prison city of Tapachula."

More organizations raise their voices for migrants

Irineo Mujica is not the only activist against the actions that the government has taken against migrants, recently the Working Group on Migration Policy (GTPM) criticized the actions undertaken by the government and accused them of repeating the same mistakes as past administrations .

They questioned that of all the budget that the INM receives, this agency only allocates 2% of its budget to the attention and vulnerable groups and that the majority of the money given to the institute goes to the salaries of officials.

Through a statement, the Human Rights Observation and Monitoring Collective in Southeast Mexico agreed with Irineo Mujica and pointed out that Mexico's immigration policy responds to Trump's interests.

In addition, they condemned the INM and the National Guard for hunting cruel and inhuman forms to migrants seeking asylum.

Despair and the search for a peaceful future made people from Central America, Cuba, Haiti and Africa embark on their journey, however, more than 600 elements of the National Guard, Federal Police, INM and even members of CISEN carried out a military blockade and stopped their progress.

“Some people decided to find a way to return, some moved by a diversion and others moved forward with the dignity and security of not committing any crime and instead being victims for weeks of an inhuman policy of containment and criminalization of people migrants and shelter seekers. ”

* The Observation and Monitoring Collective reactivates our work, we call for the care and respect for integrity * Today more than a thousand people of different nationalities begin displacement from the city of Tapachula.

– CDH Fray Matías (@CDHFrayMatias) October 12, 2019





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