Mexico Suspends Five Staff After Football Brawl

Mexico City (AP) — Queretaro officials said five civil servants after 26 were injured in a battle between fans during the first part of Mexican football, three of whom were seriously injured. Announced the suspension of work.

Guadalupe Murgia, Secretary of State Government, announced on Sunday night the cancellation of a contract with a private company that shared responsibility for the security of the Koregidra Stadium in Queretaro, 218 kilometers north of the capital.


Police officers were at the venue on Saturday night when there was a bar battle between the local Queretaro and the current champion Atlas, but they were unable to contain the violence.

Among the suspended personnel are police and civilian safety officers, in addition to the other three who had the ability to coordinate the case.

Liga MX was able to suspend three games scheduled for Sunday and deny the presence of visiting fans.

The Klausla tournament match was interrupted in the 62nd minute when fans entered the field to escape the fight between supporters that began at the northern end of the stadium.

The battle between fans at the stands moved to the field and continued to attack each other with punches and kicks. Some beat themselves with chairs, sticks, and metal sticks.

The video has probably spread on social networks where Atlas fans can be seen inactive, naked and bloody near the stadium.

“We’re trying to identify what we have (in the hospital) with a video. We’ve already identified three, but the image can say something else, but it’s alive and stable. But no one has died, “said the Minister of Health of Maria. Perez Rendon.

Governor Querétaro Mauricio Kuri said the total number of injured was 26, three of whom had already been discharged. There are three serious conditions, 10 is delicate and 10 has no gravity.

“We’re not going to hide anything. I know that the image of the stadium is in the way and the names of the people who should have died are exposed. But today we are alive and medical. I’ve confirmed that I’m receiving it, “the president said in a video posted on social networks.

Public security officials have shown that there have been no detainees so far, and Mr Kuri said the prosecution is working to find a responsible person.

The governor confirmed that an investigation was initiated to find out what was operational wrong in the stadium so that violence would escalate to that level.

Both FIFA, the world’s highest governing body for football, and CONCACAF, a regional organization, have condemned this practice.

“FIFA is shocked by the tragic incident. The violence at La Collegidra Stadium is unacceptable and unbearable,” he said. “FIFA condemns this sneaky case and encourages local governments to bring justice quickly.”

As part of that, CONCACAF called for “applying strong sports sanctions.”

In Mexico, the security of the stadium is the responsibility of the host club. Often there are both local police and civilian security forces, and visiting fans are always guarded by police officers to prevent conflict.

Some stadiums where PUMA plays, such as the Olympic Stadium in the capital, require visiting supporters to be escorted prior to the end of the match to avoid off-stadium matches.

Queretaro state officials reported that Saturday’s match was mostly controlled by a private security group, although there were local police officers, without giving details.

According to Gabriel Solares, president of Gallos Blancos, more than 600 agents were responsible for security and 358 from private companies.

Television images show that the private security agency consisted primarily of women and was unsuccessful in trying to pull the fans away.

According to Solares, in addition to civilian security elements, there were 150 local police officers and 150 state police officers. Leaders added that state law does not allow police to act inside stadium stands if it is a private event.

“We all knew they could be easily overcome. It wasn’t the right device. It wasn’t the number, but the way the strategy was organized,” the leader commented.

Queretaro fans were already in a similar field invasion in October 2019 when there was a stand battle between Garos Blancos fans and Atletico de San Luis fans.

At that time, Liga MX’s then president, Enrique Bonilla, said work would be done to improve the security of all stadiums.

Since then, the demand has been to identify members of the bar to find the person responsible in the event of violence, but according to Arriola, most clubs have only reports from leaders and all members. There is no report from.

Leaders said they would apply a fan identification program similar to what Mexican teams are starting to use in home games to eradicate homosexual cry.

“To have a better preventive mechanism, we need to start with the bar and implement follow-up measures for digital identification of attendees,” Arriola said at a press conference on Sunday.

Ariola added that because of this situation, an owners’ meeting was called in next Tuesday to propose a solution to deny the presence of fans visiting the club.

In order to be approved, such a proposal must be endorsed by the majority of the owners of the 18 First Division Clubs.

Arriola reported that the stadium could not host the first division match, while the disciplinary action punishes Queretaro. Sanctions will be announced by Wednesday, according to the president of the authorities.


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