Mexico: USA Scores For New Coach’s First Victory

Mexico City (AP) — Colombia’s Roger Martinez, Chile’s Diego Valdés and Alejandro Zendejas score goals in the first 20 minutes of Sunday’s match, with the United States defeating ToruCa 3-0 in the Klausla tournament. I won my second victory.

Martinez started scoring in the 7th minute, Valdes scored a free kick on the 15th, and Zendehas added a goal to Aguilas, who hadn’t won since the fifth match, which defeated Santos on the 18th.


This is the first victory for Argentine Fernando Ortiz, a provisional coach who was sent off after a 1-1 draw with Queretaro at home on behalf of his compatriot Santiago Solari.

Former Azul Crema player “Tano” Ortiz will coach the Aguilas U20 and will remain on the bench until the end of the tournament.

“We knew that winning this match at home was essential to playing a match against Necaxa with an important attitude. We had the idea of ​​going to Necaxa rather than thinking about qualifying. I’m going to get points, “Ortis said.

It was a very valuable victory for the players. The satisfaction they gave me was very noticeable. They worked very hard and really needed a victory of this magnitude, the strategist added.

Valdés and Zendejas are two players who arrived at the team at the winter market and saw them at Solari for a few minutes.

As a result, América scored 10 points, moving away from the bottom of the category to 15th place, with four games remaining on the 11th day.

ToruCa has suffered a third defeat in the last four games and remains in 11th place with 13 units.

The United States took the lead when Martinez received a cross from the left and deflected the ball with his right foot to dodge goalkeeper Guadalupe Gutierrez. The Colombians seemed ahead of the match, but VAR found it valid, despite the fact that referee Oscar Messiah did not review it on the screen.

The Eagles widened the lead with a free kick from Valdes, who turned around with a shot from the left corner of Gutierrez.

Shortly after, when Henry Martin sent the pass in the box to Zendehas, the United States widened the lead. Zendehas took advantage of the poor records of the visitors and converted the post on the left with a header.

Dramatic fox tie

Colombia’s Luis Kinones scored a goal in the second half, and champion Atlas scored a dramatic 1-1 draw against the Chibas team, who played against 10 men throughout the second half.

Roberto “Pioho” Alvarado used a rebound in the area to preempt Guadalajara in the 65th minute, but Quiñones scored a goal in the 90th minute to steal the victory from the holy swarm.

Guadalajara has 45 to 10 players left after defender Miguel Ponce was banished.

As a result, Chivas extended his winning streak to 4 without losing and is currently in 10th place with 13 points.

The fox accumulates 3 games without defeat, reaching 19 units and staying in the 4th step.

When Jose van Macías fired a shot in the area and was rejected by Colombian goalkeeper Camilo Vargas, Cibas took the lead and Alvarado arrived for a rebound, pushing the ball behind the net. ..

At the end of the match, Quiñones received a cross from the left and connected the header of Final 1-1.

Other results: Leon defeated Mazatlan 2-1 and Tijuana defeated Ciudad Juárez 1-0.


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