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The party of the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador this week opened the public debate on a proposal to control Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. The new bill presented on Monday by López Obrador’s Morena Party contemplates fines of up to 4.4 million dollars to the networks for violating the right to freedom of expression of users. The law would apply only to platforms that have more than one million users in Mexico, apparently covering only companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube. If implemented, the measure would allow anyone whose account is blocked or terminated to appeal the decision. Appeals would go first to the company’s own internal committees, which would have 24 hours to confirm or overturn the suspension. Users could then appeal to telecom regulators and, if they don’t agree with their decision, appeal through Mexican courts. Senator Ricardo Monreal, the party’s leader in the Senate, hopes to present the bill for a vote in three weeks. “One of the aspects of affecting the exercise of the right to freedom of expression occurs through the obstruction of the right to receive information, blocking the content generated, as have been several recent cases on Twitter,” says the proposal according to a draft that Monreal posted on his page. Reactions The Latin American Internet Association (ALAI), an internet industry group, said in a statement Monday that Mexico’s proposal would violate the North American trade agreement. Monday’s proposed amendment to the Federal Telecommunications Law would create unjustified trade barriers in violation of the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (TMEC), the text stated. The legislation, which is in the process of consultation and would be officially proposed in three weeks, would also give the IFT oversight in establishing a framework for the suspension and elimination of social media accounts in an attempt to protect “freedom of expression.” . In early January, the Mexican president called the blocking – and subsequent suspension – of then-President Donald Trump’s accounts a “censorship” by the tech giants, after riots caused by his supporters in the Capitol.



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