Mexico Wants To Weigh The Aztecs And Secure Passage To Qatar

Mexico City (AP) —For many years, Aztec Stadium has been an insurmountable fortress where Mexico has crushed its opponents in the World Cup qualifiers.

Mexico City’s altitude, match times, and even the grass worked in favor of the local team, but everything changed.


Mexicans will host El Salvador this Wednesday to try to weigh their home ground to prove their qualification for the Qatar 2022 World Cup on the final day of the CONCACAF octagonal final.

El Tri, led by Gerardo Martino of Argentina, has only won three of the six Aztec games so far. Only 12 of the 25 points he accumulated in the octagon were harvested in his territory.

On the final day, the goal difference is wide, third only to qualified Canada (28 points) and the United States (25 points).

If you defeat El Salvador, Mexico will play eight times in a row in the World Cup without relying on anyone. Even frustration will give them tickets.

Argentine coach Gerardo Martino said in a press conference, “We have to face an important game of classification. Just because it’s mostly classified doesn’t mean it’s classified.” ..

In contrast to Costa Rica’s +3, Mexico’s target difference is +7. If the Mexican loses one goal to El Salvador, Tychos should be four goals ahead of the American.

“El Salvador has a good relationship. We look forward to the greatest opposition beyond the fact that we are not competing for a place in the World Cup. We need to work hard to achieve a positive result.” Martino added. After being absent from Honduras due to medical recommendations, he returned to the bench.

Mexico is more productive outside the Aztecs today, as it would have been unthinkable before to support everything against rivals who have stopped playing. It’s an invincible environment until Costa Rica wins her first World Cup qualifying victory. It was held on June 16, 2001, before the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan.

After that, Honduras was able to raise his fist and compete from Colosso de Santa Ursula in the 2014 World Cup qualifying held in Brazil in September 2013.

“The truth has a little impact on us (playing in the Aztecs). For us from Europe, you see it because we are not the same,” striker Hirving Lozano said on the TUDN channel. Told to. “But that’s the status quo and we have to face it as it is. It has a little impact on us, but we have to move on.”

Lozano has a good discussion.

In the past, playing at noon at 2,240 meters above sea level in Mexico City has further influenced rivals. This is because the Mexican team consisted only of local league players who were accustomed to these conditions.

A similar thing happened with the same grass that most people are familiar with.

Currently, the first 11 are made up of a majority playing in European clubs. In the last two games, Martino has started seven out of eleven players abroad.

“The lawn at Aztec (stadium) has been very heavy for a long time,” Captain Andres Guardado told ESPN. “Even if it’s perfect from the top, it’s stuck. When you point the ball down, it bounces a lot. I think it hits the ball first and bounces, or hits it first and bounces badly. “

In May 2018, local football officials changed the surface from natural turf to hybrid, but the installation was unsuccessful. After Shakira’s concert, the surface was ragged and forced to cancel the NFL game between the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs in November of that year.

After the blunder, the leaders returned to the natural grass.

“They tried to do it, but it didn’t work. It should be given time to hit (Hybrid Glass). At CAR (High Performance Center) they did it and changed the field of synthesis. And put the hybrid. The grass and it’s achieved on the court, very good and spectacular to train, “Guardado added. “The pitch must be in excellent condition.”

There are many activities in the Aztecs. Headquartered in Cruz Azul and the United States, it is the first division club to have a team in the women’s professional league.

Leaders talked about the Aztec refurbishment for the 2026 World Cup without going into the details of whether the grass will be removed again.

While it is defined, Mexico will try to overcome these conditions in order to get a ticket to the World Cup.


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