MGM Resorts Confirms Massive Data Leak: Report

Some of the most important hotels in Las Vegas are owned by MGM.
                                                    George Rose / Getty Images
                                                MGM Resorts, the business group that owns casinos, hotels and shows around the world (including the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas) has confirmed a huge leak of data, according to the company itself confirmed to ZDNet, the sister site of CNET and CNET in Spanish, the information involved included full names, phone numbers, addresses, emails and birth dates of more than 10 million guests who have stayed at their hotels. This information was published in a hacker forum earlier this week.

ZDNet contacted some of the clients whose information was posted on the forum and could confirm that they were indeed correct. An MGM spokesperson told ZDNet that the data was stolen during a security incident suffered by the company in 2019 and ensures that all affected customers were informed. In addition, he adds that no bank or credit card data was leaked. Massive data leaks are one of the most common security incidents today and many are the companies that suffer them. Recently, NordVPN, a well-known private virtual network service, experienced something similar after an attacker accessed one of its servers that was inside a data center in Finland.

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