Mhoni Seer Predicts Attack And Death For Donald Trump And Says That Kanye West Is An Envoy Of God

The seer makes an urgent call to Ariana Grande, because a former boyfriend who has already died comes for her and says that Kanye will leave Kim Kardashian, soon

Journalists and the media had speculated that Trump had a bad chest.

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Predictions of Mhoni Seer:

United States: Shooting in almost the entire country. The death letter hits Donald Trump. They do not want to leave him alive and there is a very strong attack on him. You will receive an attack and could lose your life. The death card

Russia: The country of Russia wants to rule Latin America.

The weather: As of November 27, for thirteen months, the weather will reign in the world. I see hurricanes categories almost six or seven. Strong earthquakes in all parts of the world. The era of volcanoes begins. The worst winter I've seen and seen will appear. We must prep are for all these changes.

A solar storm is coming that will complicate all electronic media.

Los Angeles: Archangel Gabriel will dominate the year 2020. Archangel Michael also brings a real revelation.

Show Predictions:

Ariana Grande: The singer is dreaming and having a bad time, is hallucinating and seeing things that are not the fault of Mac Miller. The ex boyfriend is coming for her. Ariana prays the rosary. He -Mac Miller- wants to hold your hand and wants to go with you. That death was very strong for him, but it could not be separated from the earth. What you are living is something from another world. Protect yourself. You are at risk of dying.

Harry Style: It will grow in song and movies. But I see him very much in love with a man. Harry will be talking and leave the closet.

Demi Lovato: The singer is in love with someone who looks like Justin Bieber. His name is Wilson.

Kanye West: He is an envoy of God. He will be a leader in the year 2020. He will divorce Kim Kardashian. He will leave his wife to be able to advance on his path and will knock down President Trump, who was once his friend, will now be his enemy.

El Guazón, the movie: He will win everything at the Oscar.

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