Mhoni Seer Warns What Will Happen To Donald Trump And More By 2020

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Mhoni Vidente launched his prophecies for this 2020. The expert on these issues spoke about the celebrities who will come out of the closet. He also revealed, like Nostradamus and Baba Vanga, what Donald Trump holds.

2020 is approaching, and as a Kabbalistic year, the prophecies about what humanity will hold fast and Mhoni Seer talked about celebrities coming out of the closet and what awaits Donald Trump.

A new year is about to begin and with it, people want to know if luck will be on their side, resorting to mediums, astrology experts and even the esoterism of magicians and witches.

And to reveal what this controversial year is supposed to bring, Mhoni Vidente went to the ‘Sale El Sol’ program to give his predictions.

According to Mhoni, Geminis, Sagittarius and Pisces, they will be the luckiest signs and who will undoubtedly have great successes in 2020.

Also, the astrologer revealed that the most important months will be March and August.

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On questions about the trial of Donald Trump, Mhoni Vidente explained: "It will be a reality, it will be a novel."

But not everything was there, since the expert on these issues, said that the president of the United States will do something very controversial with Mexico: "Donald Trump is not going to leave and we (Mexico) are his guinea pig."

After talking about politics, Mh oni Vidente went to another controversial sector. The shows.

At that time the astrologer said that in 2020 Luis Miguel, the coveted singer will finally step on the altar. And even, he warned with whom: ”This year he marries. He marries the showgirl. ”

And if this were not enough, Mhoni Seer said that "The Sun" in addition to enjoying the honey of marriage, will have a new baby, and even dared to reveal the sex of the same: "You will have another daughter."

In other matters, the seer confessed: "It is the liberating year," so he assured that several celebrities will leave the closet.

And at the insistence of the presenters of ‘Sale El Sol’, Mhoni Vidente gave a first name: “Maluma”.

And he continued with the controversy: "Shakira has been divorcing", this is because according to the expert on issues of reading what the future holds, "Piqué (Shakira's husband) is bisexual, leaves the closet."

However, users were present in the messages.

“He already has a lot that doesn't hit him… sad,” said a follower.

"This guy can't beat anything," was another message.

"In all countries there are these false witches who once hit and believe Nostradamus," was another message pointing to Mhoni Seer.

"That Luis Miguel marries is false," warned another.

What do you think about what Mhoni Seer said and the prophecies for celebrities and Donald Trump in 2020?

But not only the controversial astrologer spoke about the future of Donald Trump. Years ago, the prophet Nostradamus and the seer Baba Vanga also had a planned future for the President of the United States.



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