Mhoni Vidente Poses Without Clothes On Instagram, Covers His Parts With a Cat

Mhoni Seer poses without clothes on Instagram, covers his parts with a cat. | Instagram Special

Mhoni Vidente poses without clothes on Instagram, covers his parts with a cat and receives dozens of compliments on the social network, as his followers enjoy his coquetry and also, his kitten falls in love.

And it is that Mhoni Seer has had busy days, after leaving the program Today, the seer has appeared in several renowned programs, because he has received the change in the best way and through social networks has continued to share his recommendations for prosperity of those who believe in the power of the stars or want to know more about the subject.


Mhoni Seer had already accustomed us to see him with heels, high boots, tiny dresses but today he took his beauty to another level and did not do it alone, he was accompanied by one of his beloved pets, a gray kitten whom he considers his baby.

The controversial image

It is normal that after a few weeks of intense work, we take a moment to relax and Mhoni Vidente is no exception, because he enjoyed some time at home next to his beloved cat and did it naturally. Many have done it, but Mhoni went further and shared an image on Instagram that caused a stir among his followers.

Mhoni Seer herself took the picture where she left her abdomen low and her legs exposed, showing that she had no clothes, but ingeniously covered her parts with her lovely cat, who even fell asleep in the place.

In just one day of having published the image, Mhoni Vidente has received dozens of flattery in the image, affection for his cat and messages of encouragement for the new projects he has at the door, surely full of prosperity like everything he does.