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Mhoni Vidente Predicts a New Death In Grupera Music

Mhoni Vidente has given something to talk about in recent days as he predicted a new death within the world of grupera music. After the unfortunate incident with members of the New Generation Band, Vidente affirmed that this will not be an isolated case.

Another grouper will suffer the same fate, since he will lose his life prematurely. He gave clues of who it is. He affirmed that the death will occur due to shots that will occur in Sinaloa or Sonora. The person’s name begins with G or J and is between 34 and 40 years old.

The famous astrologer said that this event will occur because this person has ties to members of organized crime. It is for this reason that life will be taken from him.

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Mourning in the group world

He claimed that the mafias are looking for group members to make their songs, and things like that. Unfortunately, he pointed out that in this case he will have to get a new guardian.

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During his prediction, he said that this member of the group world is a friend of one of the most important people in organized crime.

In recent days, the music medium was shocked by the death of the leader of Patrol 81.


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