Mhoni Vidente Predicts a Very Close Earthquake In Mexico

Mhoni Vidente predicts a very close earthquake in Mexico | instagram

Mhoni Vidente has recently had a vision in relation to all of Mexico, a morning program said during the broadcast.

Mhoni appeared this day in the morning program "Hoy" was accompanied by Andrea Legarreta and Jorge the "Donkey" Van Rankin.


Mhoni Vidente is very dear among the entertainment world, he has a way of being quite pleasant and his predictions are very accurate.

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During the morning broadcast on the morning program, he said that he had made a revelation in relation to all of Mexico.

"I have just come up with a very important vision for all of Mexico and for all of us, I see … An earthquake but nothing serious, 5.4 or 5.8, in these days soon so don't be alarmed …" Mhoni mentioned.

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Despite the possible news provided by the astrologer, he also clarified that there was also good news regarding the national lottery, in which the jackpot would be in Mexico City.

Mhoni Vidente also provided more information regarding the National Lottery, which would be the specific numbers number 03 and 24, also mentioned "the signs that are still attached" Pisces, Cancer and Libra, so they are advised they are very pending of those numbers and good luck!

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In a few more days, to be exact the eleven and thirteen mentions the astrologer "Oh the magical days gentlemen", the most beautiful moons are in October so you must be aware of the energies and moons that will appear.

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The full moon will shine on the thirteenth day, so it refers to the virgin Mary because it is the beginning of the spiritual and that she will have a final appearance, Mhoni recommends lighting a white candle since there will be very good things for everyone , there will be positive changes everywhere.

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