Mia Khalifa Is Not Dead

Mia Khalifa Is Not Dead

A few days ago, Mia Khalifa became a social network trend after her followers noticed that her official Facebook profile looked like a memorial account.

Mia khalikfa facebook page

This Facebook page setting refers to those who have lost their lives and worried many fans thinking she was dead.


From the beginning, this news was questioned because, in her Instagram story, Mia Khalifa published a photo of her pet.

However, she didn’t post anything else about her until hours later, when she uploaded a video of her at the hair salon.

Almost at midnight on Saturday, the former adult video star raised an image on Twitter with the phrase “I’m not dead yet, I’m fine.”

But a few hours ago, she denied these rumors.

The retired porn actress reappeared in her Instagram account with a “selfie.”

She was shown in a nude top and was able to show some of her attributes with a large neckline.

Mia Khalifa Instagram After Death Rumor

She wasn’t dead, retired porn actress Mia Khalifa denied these rumors as she reappeared on her Instagram account in a “selfie”.

Sarah Joe Chamon, now well known as Mia Khalifa, is an influencer from Lebanon who is dedicated to filling social network content, especially on Instagram, but she has gone through the world of pornography where she is more memorable and known.

After rumors of her death, Mia Khalifa reappears in a sexy outfit

Mia Khalifa has been associated with Jay Cortez, both have lived a very passionate love story for the past few weeks.

At least that’s how they made it visible on their social networks.

Some photos show that some fans of Cortez are in court with a former adult movie actress, but we could see the great love they both share.

How many scenes did Mia Khalifa do?

Mia Khalikfa Only Fans Instagram

Mia pointed out that she recorded only 12 videos during her short stay at her adult cinema.

However, the producer responded to the comments of the former actress, pointing out that she actually has done 28 scenes.

However, the influencer has called on her Instagram followers not to get involved in the porn industry.

Although he did not detail what happened to her Facebook account, it is believed that it was hacked.

She denied the death and returns the heart and body of her many fans.


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