Mia Khalifa, Turn On Instagram With Her Halloween Costume

Mia Khalifa, turn on Instagram with her halloween costume | Instagram

Mia Khalifa shared a post where she wears a kitten costume for this upcoming Halloween with which she turned on social networks.

The month of October is used by more than one celebrity to show off her body with somewhat extravagant and quite revealing costumes.


The former actress has seventeen million eight hundred thousand followers on her Instagram account and on Twitter she has only two million nine hundred thousand.

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Mia is 26 years old and has been engaged to her boyfriend since March of this year, the wedding date is currently unknown.

With black sneakers, a miniskirt with a diagonal cut in black, a black half-cup bustier with straps that cross in front, a light shawl and a headband with cat ears sported Khalifa in his social network.

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Despite not having made an exotic pose, the mere fact of being Mia Khalifa made Internet users remember at least one of the twenty-nine adult films he made in his short but quite productive career.

She entered that industry in 2014, however she chose to retire for 2015 since she felt disappointed in the same industry; those who suffered the most were the Internet users who delighted in his figure and his charisma.

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Lebanese national, born in Beirut capital of Lebanon, at the age of seven he moved with his family to the United States, has a specialty in History since he enrolled in the Bachelr of art program.

He currently lives a normal life next to his partner and tries to keep a low profile however despite having had a presence only one year in the adult film industry Mia Khalifa is and will continue to be remembered as an expert in the trade.

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Khalifa became a businesswoman, now she is dedicated to making calendars with photographs where she appears and sells them to her followers accompanied by an autograph.

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