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Michael B. Jordan Confesses His Addiction | Stage

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Actor Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Black Panther) has no problem confessing his addiction… to action.

The artist was able to give rein to that hobby in the action film Without Remorse, which premiered yesterday on Amazon Prime Video and which also marks the debut of his production company, Outlier Society.

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The film – which stars alongside Jamie Bell, Jodie Turner-Smith and Guy Pearce – is based on the 1993 novel by Tom Clancy. As part of the plot, Jordan plays a former Marine turned undercover CIA agent , who seeks to avenge the death of his wife.

For the artist, the pandemic – which has hit the film industry hard – has also given the opportunity to find new ways of dissemination and has promoted new conquests, such as his next premiere as a director, as well as his starring role in Creed III.

EL VOCERO had the opportunity to participate in the virtual conference with the 34-year-old actor, who elaborated on these topics.

Due to the current situation worldwide, many films that have reached theaters are released directly on streaming platforms. Do you think this could help a movie find its audience?

I think it’s giving access to movies that you might not have the opportunity to see. I think obviously certain movies are meant to be shot and screened in a movie theater. But I think we are in a moment of evolution, obviously with the pandemic this last year, and everything changed. We were victims of that too, in the sense of trying to figure out where to move and how to bring our movie to the masses so that everyone had a chance to see it. Luckily, we were able to get a place like Amazon to support this movie. I think there will be a healthy balance between the two. There is something about sitting at home and being able to have instant access to the movies that you want to see, but I think there is also something about going to the movies and having that movie experience. I think it will be a good balance in the future.

How about the experience as a producer?

Being involved from the beginning to the end, I think everything was very practical in the way of how to build action sequences, regarding the process and what it would be like. And having experienced producers like Akiva Goldsman and Elizabeth Reposo – people who have been through the process before and have worked on high-stakes action movies – you really follow their lead on how to package a movie like this. I was just going through the process of building that. It was a learning curve for me. I walk away from this movie with more knowledge and experience, and knowing how to put these movies together. I know when to be silent, listen and learn.

This film includes multiple and intense underwater action sequences. What kind of preparation did you have?

It’s one of those things where, you know, your breathing is definitely a trained thing, it’s an exercise. If you stop training and exercising that muscle, you could definitely lose it. The underwater training was definitely something we spent a lot of time on. We knew we had these sequences in the script development phase. So we hung out with some military divers and spent time in the tanks. They put us in stressful situations where we had to troubleshoot and work through equipment failures. We had to work with military respirators – which are basically machines that these soldiers use to suppress bubbles – to be able to breathe underwater without leaving any physical trace. It was a very detailed workout that we went through for the aquatic exercises. And yes, I was able to hold my breath during filming for quite some time, maybe three minutes.

The aquatic scenes required great physical preparation. > Supplied / Nadja Klier

What was the most challenging thing about doing the most stunts?

It was fun. I am addicted to action. When I was a kid, these are the movies I watched and wanted to be a part of one day. So the fact that I had the opportunity to train and do most of my stunts was great. We had an incredible stunt team. And when Stefano (director) says he wants you to do all your stunts, we keep working with stuntmen and people who really examine these sequences, make sure things are safe and teach us the correct way to handle those situations. . It was fun. We took a beating throughout the process, but it was worth it.


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