Michael Bloomberg Goes To His Litmus Test At Super Tuesday

Washington. – In his first electoral test as a Democratic presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg has the challenge of transforming tomorrow the more than $ 500 million he has invested in advertising in votes that immediately make him an alternative with better possibilities than Joseph Biden to compete with Bernie Sanders.

Despite entering the contest at the end of November and ignoring the first four electoral events – in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina – billionaire Bloomberg, former mayor of New York, showed strength in the early 2020 polls thanks to your pocket

But, Bloomberg suffered a serious blow in the first debate in which he participated, in Nevada, in which Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts), mainly, brought to attention the complaints of sexual and labor harassment faced by the New York Mayor in your company.


“I want to talk about who we are aspiring against: a billionaire who calls women‘ fat mares ’and‘ horse-faced lesbians. ” And I’m not talking about Donald Trump. I’m talking about Bloomberg, ”Warren said in that debate.

Since then, Bloomberg’s candidacy has stalled.

Without the protection provided by paid ads, Bloomberg has also been under attack by the “stop and register” search program he launched as mayor in New York City, which focused particularly on the African-American and Latino communities, and for which he apologized again on Sunday in the 60 Minutes program.

To some extent Bloomberg’s strategy depended on the fact that none of the so-called “moderates” were strengthened.

Now that Biden has just won bluntly in South Carolina and gains support among elected Democratic officials, Bloomberg will have to overcome the former vice president in super Tuesday races – which the polls do not provide for – to have a viable path to at least be the alternative to Sanders, the leader of the Democratic primary.

Just on the eve of super Tuesday, Senator Amy Klobuchar, although she has elementary school tomorrow in her state of Minnesota, announced her retirement.

Klobuchar intends to give his official support to Biden tonight.

According to Reuters, former Mayor of South Bend (Indiana) Peter Buttigieg, who withdrew from the race on Sunday, would also support Biden, further strengthening the support of the “moderates” and the “establishment” towards the former vice president.

In South Carolina, the state that revived Biden’s candidacy, Bloomberg spent $ 2.3 million on advertising. In any case, the polls made at the exit of the polls showed that in that state, two out of every three Democrats perceived it unfavorably.

There is consensus among experts that Senator Sanders, elected by Vermont, will take the lead in tomorrow’s super Tuesday where there are events in 14 states, American Samoa and Democrats living outside the United States.

“That’s why the machinery is nervous,” Sanders said.

Although the super-Tuesday delegate count may take several days, tomorrow’s votes will distribute 1,357 of the 3,979 delegates who will arrive at the July Democratic presidential convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, committed to a particular candidate.

“Sanders will be leading the number of delegates after super Tuesday, the question is by how much,” they said today, in their weekly analysis of “The Crystal Ball,” Kyle Kondik and J. Miles Coleman of the Affairs Center Politicians of the University of Virginia.

Fivethirtyeight.com’s analysis coincides and highlights the support that Sanders can have among voters of “minority” communities in California and Texas, who distribute the largest number of delegates tonight, 415 and 228, respectively.

Now there are Sanders, Biden, Bloomberg, Senator Warren and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii), almost invisible in recent weeks.

But, unless Bloomberg manages to win a significant number of delegates tonight, the fight starting Wednesday would be a face-to-face between Sanders and Biden.

The Bloomberg campaign hoped to enter the voting process and obtain delegates strongly.

In California, however, Bloomberg remains in fourth place of the intention of the vote of the Democrats, according to the average of surveys that calculates Real Clear Politcs.

In other key states, such as Texas, Virginia and North Carolina, the average number of surveys places it in third place.

“(Mike) is the only candidate who has campaigned in the 14 super-mart states during the past two months,” said Kevin Sheekey, campaign manager of the former mayor of New York, giving hope that Bloomberg’s strategy can work.



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