Michael Bloomberg Richer Than Donald Trump Wants To Be President Of The United States – USA And Canada – International

In the absence of a strong candidate in the Democratic party, with momentum, good name and money, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg could stand as a candidate for that party in the face of the US presidential elections.

Bloomberg, owner of the gigantic financial information agency that bears his last name, is at least 10 times more billionaire than President Donald Trump, because, according to several authorized sources, his fortune is 53,000 million dollars.

77, Bloomberg is one of the richest men in the world and uses part of his fortune to support Democratic candidates and the fight against global warming.


The tycoon is considering presenting his presidential candidacy for 2020 in the Democratic Party by considering Joe Biden too moderate and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren too far to the left, several US media said Thursday.

Trump mocked this Friday about Bloomberg's possible candidacy, saying the "small" billionaire will fail, "because" he doesn't have the magic to do it right, the president told reporters at the White House.

"There is no one with whom I would like to compete more than with little Michael," he added about the possible candidate who could join the Democratic race this Friday, thus generating a duel between septuagenarian centrists with Joe Biden, one of the main favorites to obtain. The candidacy.

"He will not do well, but I think he will really hurt Biden," Trump said.

In addition, he has said that politics already has sufficient influence by the magnates, thus specifying that this interference in politics may not be precisely what the United States needs.

'The little' billionaire will fail (…) he doesn't have the magic to do it right

JUUL put itself on the ballot with Proposition C and San Francisco voters overwhelmingly rejected it, forcing JUUL to drop its own campaign. This should embolden other cities and states to take action to protect children's health. https://t.co/AB8WD0Fmgf

– Mike Bloomberg (@MikeBloomberg) November 6, 2019

The seventh president and founder of the international economic news agency had announced last March that he would not participate in the primaries taking into account the already large cast of candidates in his party and not to harm former Vice President Biden, one of the most centrist Democrats.

But, according to sources close to the businessman cited by The New York Times and CNN, among other means, he gathered the necessary signatures to present his candidacy in Alabama, a day before the deadline to do so in that southern state of the country .

"He thinks Biden is weak and that Sanders and Warren can't win," said a source close to Bloomberg quoted by The New York Post.

Bloomberg, a centrist figure close to Wall Street, has never hidden in recent times his opposition to the measures advocated by Warren and Sanders, who are leading a very leaning campaign to the left in which they denounce, for example, a "corrupted" system by Wall Street financiers and big companies.

On Friday morning, President Trump spoke on the possible candidacy of Bloomberg and said he will not do well; Besides, he doesn't think he "hurts" Joe Biden's candidacy.

For a few weeks, close friends with Bloomberg said that the former New York mayor (2002-2013) and who earned a dollar salary per year for this work, was reflecting on the possibility of running for the fall of Biden and the rise of Warren and Sanders in the polls.

He had already considered running in the Democratic primary for the 2016 presidential elections, but had withdrawn for fear of dividing his camp against Republican Donald Trump.

Bloomberg has several battle fronts, not only facing the tycoon, but the candidates of the Democratic Party, who have expressed their disagreement with the billionaire's candidacy. Senator Elizabeth Warren launched harsh criticism of Bloomberg's proposal on taxing the richest in that country.




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