Michael Bloomberg will sell his company if he is elected president of the United States

Michael Bloomberg Will Sell His Company If He Is Elected President Of The United States

New York – Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg will sell his finance, data and media company if he is elected president of the United States (US) in the elections next November.

According to the bill of the billionaire and former mayor of New York, the company would first be placed in a blind trust and then sold.

The statement comes after the future of the company was questioned after coming to the elections last November, while the businessman and his advisors have talked about different possibilities.


Initially, the company and people close to the company said that Bloomberg wanted the company to move into a trust fund, but later during the campaign the politician implied that the sale would be a possibility.

On Tuesday, an adviser to the Bloomberg election campaign told CNN that the politician intends to sell the company if the new US president is elected, after which his representatives finally admitted that this will be the decision taken by the businessman if he manages to defeat the current president, Donald Trump, in November.

This Wednesday, Bloomberg will participate in his first debate with the rest of the candidates, after having achieved a sharp rise in the latest polls, including a nationwide one that gives 19% of support between Democrats and independents, which puts him in second place after Bernie Sanders.

In recent days, his campaign and that of the senator for Vermont have crossed attacks, with the Sanders team questioning among other things the police tactics used by Bloomberg in New York, which disproportionately affected African Americans and Hispanics and for which he has I apologize.

On Tuesday, Bloomberg announced new measures to support young blacks and Latinos, within the framework of his proposals to reform the criminal justice system.

He also reported on a plan to impose stricter rules on Wall Street and set a fee for financial transactions.

Bloomberg, who made his fortune precisely with a business that serves information to investors, argued in a statement that the “financial system is not working as it should for most Americans.”



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