Michael Jordan Condemns The Murder Of George Floyd And “entrenched Racism” In The US: “We Have Had Enough”

Michael Jordan has issued an unusual statement condemning the murder on Monday of George Floyd, an African American citizen who was suffocated by a police officer in Minnesota.


“I am deeply sad, really hurt, and very angry. I see and feel everyone’s pain, outrage, and frustration. I am with those who are challenging entrenched racism and violence against people of color in our country. We have had enough “reads the message spread on Twitter on his personal account and on the basketball team he owns, Charlotte Hornets.

Jordan has received a lot of criticism for his lukewarmness to pronounce on political issues and especially on the issue of racism in the United States, unlike other colleagues of his NBA more involved in activism, such as LeBron James.

As early as 1990, during the North Carolina Senate race, the athlete did not want to publicly support Harvey Gantt, an African American who was running for the Democratic party against Republican Jesse Helms, an outspoken racist. At the time, he justified his decision that “Republicans also buy sneakers.” In the documentary The Last Dance, he justifies that although they seemed selfish, they were “a joke”, although he acknowledged that he chose to focus on his career and avoid political controversies.

In the statement released this Sunday, the former Chicago Bulls player acknowledges “having no answers but collectively our voices show the strength and the inability for others to divide us.” “We must listen to each other, show compassion and empathy, and never turn our backs on senseless brutality,” Jordan continues.

However, he calls for the protests to be “peaceful”: “We must press our leaders to change the laws or use our vote to bring about a change in the system. Each of us must be part of the solution.”

In addition, Jordan sends a message to the family of George Floyd and of the “countless other lives that have been brutally and meaninglessly taken in acts of racism and injustice.”

This statement comes after a weekend of protests in more than 75 cities across the country to condemn Floyd’s death and against police brutality. The protests have resulted in hundreds of detainees, the deployment of the National Guard in several states and the curfew has been decreed in some twenty cities.



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