Michelle Galván Welcomes Her Baby And We Already Know Her Name


Michelle Galván finally made her heart’s biggest dream come true


The baby is named Megan , just as the happy mom announced in the first photo she shares of her. “You are without a doubt all that your name means ‘sent by God, strong and capable.’ Thank you for choosing us as your parents, we love you very much ”, she wrote with a beautiful postcard with her husband, Fernando Guajardo , still in the hospital.

The proud parents chose this name thanks to the suggestion of their fans . They were looking for one that was short and that started with M, as well as having a deep meaning. It was Fernando who chose the name of her princess.

The baby was born the night of July 22 at Kendall Baptist Hospital in Miami, Florida. For such happy news Marcela and Gloria , Michelle’s mother and Fernando’s, traveled from Monterrey, Mexico, although they could not be close due to the sanitary measures by Coronavirus. Mother and daughter are well.

Megan, a little girl who becomes mom’s happiness

For some time, Michelle Galván wanted to become a mother, a dream that came true after three attempts that did not come to a successful conclusion. The journalist followed her heart and did not allow those bad experiences to destroy her spirit. Finally, in December 2019, she prayed with her mother during the Mañanitas to the Virgin in the Basilica of Guadalupe, in Mexico. Her prayers were heard, as a week later the pregnancy test announced that the baby was on the way.

Michelle Galván and her husband, Fernando Guajardo, yearned to become parents


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