Michelle Obama And Other Celebrities Are Sharing Their Graduation Gown Photos To Encourage Voting

Michelle Obama is the most admired woman in her country 0:35

(CNN) – Former first lady Michelle Obama went to her prom with a polka dot dress. We know this because he shared the photo on Tuesday as part of a challenge to encourage students to vote.

“Returning to my graduation night of 1982 and this p ink satin dress with polka dots,” Obama tweeted Tuesday. “Join #PromChallenge with When We All Vote and MTV and tell us what your school is doing to register students to vote. They could get a free prom for your school! ”


Obama, who co-chairs When We All Vote, partnered with the nonprofit and MTV + 1thevote campaign for the Prom Challenge, a program created to “celebrate and recognize 20 high schools across the United States that make up voter registration in their schools in the most creative and impactful way. ”

Students with ideas on how they can inspire their classmates to vote have until March 13 to submit their applications and authorization forms. The 20 winners will receive up to $ 5,000 for their school’s prom.

Other celebrities joined Obama’s efforts to encourage students to register to vote.

Kerry Washington

The “Scandal” actress and star, Kerry Washington, published her own “tbt” at the prom.

“It’s not Thursday (from“ tbt ”) but I return… to the prom. Well, one of them. I went to some, ”Washington joked on Twitter.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Actress and TV presenter Tracee Ellis Ross also joined in the fun.

“I’m 18 in the 90s ready for prom with this Armani dress, bracelets and shoes,” Ross tweeted. “The dance was fun, but voting for the first time changed my life.”