Michelle Obama explains how she is quarantining her daughters at home

Empty nest? No more … Michelle and Barack Obama They have finished their days of parents without children at home, because Malia, age 21, and Sasha, 18, have returned to their side due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In a phone call made by Ellen DegeneresThe former First Lady of the United States shared how she and her family spend their days in quarantine. “We try to keep ourselves busy to give the routine a structure. I mean, everyone is home, ”said Michelle. “Girls are here because universities now operate remotely. So they are locked in their rooms with their online classes and ignoring us. ”

And what about former President Barack Obama? He is also busy. “I think Barack is now on his phone, on a video conference. I also just had one, “revealed Michelle Obama. The author of Becoming He shared that, like any family, they love to watch shows and series to be calm and strengthen family ties. “Netflix and trying to relax,” he said.

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For Michelle and Barack, this time in preventive isolation has helped them get closer to their daughters and they have avoided spending hours in front of the television or the Internet and have been very creative.

“I think it is an important lesson that I want my children to understand. When they go out into the world, I want them to be grateful for what they have and ready to share it when necessary. Now, we are simply happy that we are together and that we are all healthy and safe, who is interested in other things, “he added.

Michelle and Barack Obama daughters

For Michelle and her family, it is a priority to ensure that everyone is well when the quarantine is over. “I feel like a lot of people are going to suffer from the economy,” he said. “We have to consider what we will do to support those people when this is all over, because people are seeing what will become of their lives and their businesses after this.”

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