Michelle Obama says Donald Trump "handled the pandemic intentionally wrong"

Michelle Obama Says Donald Trump “handled The Pandemic Intentionally Wrong”

Former United States First Lady Michelle Obama attacked President Donald Trump in a new video, accusing him of being a racist and of “intentional mismanagement” of the coronavirus crisis. She asks voters not to “waste” their votes in the November elections.

In the video, released Tuesday by the campaign team of Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden, the wife of former President Barack Obama notes that more Americans have died from COVID-19 than in the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Korea. together. Regarding the virus, “our commander-in-chief, unfortunately, has been missing in action,” he said.


Michelle Obama accuses Trump of being “racist”, claiming that he and other Republicans are “lying about how minorities will destroy the suburbs” of cities. According to her, this is intended to “distract attention from her astonishing failures.”

He also asked undecided voters to “think of all those people like me and my ancestors” and to have some empathy for what it is like to “walk through your own country in fear that someone’s unwarranted panic could put you in danger.”

Obama urged black and mixed race voters, as well as all young voters who are considering not participating in the elections, to go out and vote because “we cannot afford to assume that things are going to be okay.”



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