Michelle Obama supports offering more options for voting during the pandemic

Michelle Obama Supports Offering More Options For Voting During The Pandemic

Washington – An initiative led by former First Lady Michelle Obama announced Monday its support for the creation of measures that facilitate the registration of the electorate and voting during the coronavirus pandemic.

When We All Vote, a nonpartisan electoral organization, indicated that Americans should have greater access to vote by mail, early voting in person and online voter registration.

The announcement comes after last week’s primaries in Wisconsin, where thousands of people waited for hours in line – without protective gear and in breach of orders to stay home – after the state Supreme Court struck down the Governor to postpone voting as more than a dozen other states have done so in the face of the spread of the virus. Thousands of other Wisconsin voters, reluctant to risk their health, stayed home.


The “When We All Vote” announcement also comes amid President Donald Trump’s vociferous opposition to the vote-by-mail.

The former first lady, co-chair of the group, said expanding access to postal voting, online voter registration and early voting are “crucial steps for now” that should have been taken long ago.

“Americans should never have to choose between making their voices heard and keeping themselves and their families safe,” he said in a statement.

“There is nothing partisan about striving to live up to our country’s promise: to make democracy that we all value so much more accessible, and to protect our neighbors, friends and loved ones as they participate in this pillar of American life.” he pointed out.



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