Michelle Obama Was Consecrated With a Grammy After Pointing Against Donald Trump

The results were announced this Sunday during the inaugural gala in Los Angeles.

Every year Michelle Obama, the former lady of the United States, fattens her resume after achieving impressive achievements throughout her career as a lawyer, diplomat and activist. Now he adds a new feat: he won a Grammy for "Best Narrated Album"! by the audiobook of his memoirs "Becoming". However, it is not the first prize the family receives, as Barack Obama, former president of that nation, won a statuette in the same category.

In addition, it is worth noting that Michelle competed with a large group of authors ranging from Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz of the Beastie Boys for “Beastie Boys Book” and John Waters, the transgressive director and artist known for his cult films, for “Mr . Know-It-All. " His project was launched in 2018 and he had no objections to criticize the management of Donald Trump as the current North American leader. In addition, she was forced to Trump when she wanted to question her husband's citizenship.


got. Michelle Obama is
one of the nominees for the awards edition
Grammy 2019, but of course; It is one of the categories that do not have
What to do with music. However, it figured as one of the curiosities of this
gala number 62. In addition, other celebrities who are not linked to music
as Ellen DeGeneres with "Relatable", Trevor Noah with "Son of Patricia", Dave
Chappelle with "Sticks & Stones" or Aziz Ansari with "Right Now" to "Best
comedy album. ”

However, the category to which the former lady of the United States is nominated is “Best disc of“ spoken word ”thanks to the audio version of her successful memoir entitled“ Becoming ”. It was this Wednesday that the news was released amid the preparations of one of the most important galas that rewards Anglo-Saxon music. However, Michelle became one of the promises of the night.

“From the Motown albums that I wore on the Southside (of Chicago) to the songs of 'Who makes the world work' (reference to the song 'Run the World' by Beyoncé) that gave me energy over the last decade, the Music always helped me tell my story. ” These were part of the words spoken by the wife of former President Barack Obama in his participation in the past delivery of the Grammy.

More details of this Michelle Obama nomination in the following link.



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