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Michelle Renaud And Danilo Carrera Talk About The Reasons For Their Breakup

The Ecuadorian actor Danilo Carrera stressed that the personality of Michelle Renaud has allowed the excellent coexistence inside and outside the television forum.

Michelle Renaud and Danilo Carrera They told the truth about why they decided to end their relationship with what they tried to deny all the rumors that arose around, in which it was assured that the Ecuadorian actor is “rude” and “toxic”.

The actors used their social networks to explain what led them to separate after almost two years of relationship. Both appeared together and very smiling and revealed that, although they love each other and have an “almost perfect” relationship, they do not have the same life plans, because while she wants to form a family, he wants to wait longer.

“We want different things. I want a family, children, and he does too, but not right now, and we are the same age, we are 32 years old. I’m ahead of the process, I think I’m old enough to do it, I have a child and I want another soon, I want a family, “Renaud commented in the video he posted on his Instagram account.

“Maybe if I were 35 or 36 I would be at that point in my life and it is super difficult, it really hurts and it costs me a lot because there is so much love. I also think of 50 or 60 years of being with you and one day fulfilling the dreams we had and I say it here: maybe in the way to close the door, but to open a window ”, added Carrera.

They said that they had this conversation after overcoming Covid-19 and defined what they were looking for in their life as a couple.

“Sometimes you have to know how to make decisions for ourselves, because love is super important in a relationship and we have plenty, we have plenty of complicity, the team is super-spare, but the problem I have is that Marcelo is going to turn 4 and yes I have another son, I want them not to get along so much … and if I wait so long Marcelo will be 8 or 9 and there will be a lot of separation and something that is very important in my life are my brothers “, stressed the interpreter.

With this video, they denied what was published in a magazine where it was said that the relationship ended because Danilo is a superb, rude, arrogant and very competitive guy with her. “I put all the tools so that you shine, because I know that if you shine, I will shine and if you are successful, I will be successful,” said Carrera.

Danilo acknowledged that it has been hard to break their relationship at this point, but that, although he seeks the best for both of them, he has a different life process. “It is not even that we want different things, but we are in different times, we want the same thing but at this moment it does not happen and it is not that neither wants to force the other. Michelle doesn’t want to force me to have children or get pregnant, ”she added.

The Ecuadorian stressed that Michelle’s personality has allowed the excellent coexistence they maintain inside and outside the forum, in addition, both confirmed that there was no third person in their relationship as said, even his colleague Scarlet Gruber was pointed out.

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