Michelle Salas And The Luxurious Life That Not Even Her Father Luis Miguel Could Give Her

The family tree of Michelle Salas put it in the public eye since she was a baby, but at 30 she has positioned herself as a model and a fashion icon with a luxurious lifestyle, product of her work with large designer firms that Do not hesitate to show off at every step.

The daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas drew attention this week by sharing some photographs of her trip to New York, where she posed as a model with clothes that many young people her age dream of owning. It is enough to mention her colorful coat with details of imitation leather of Ducie with value of almost $1000 dollars.

She also highlighted the leather strap bag with padlock and golden details of Dolce & Gabbana. There are several similar models , whose value ranges between $2000 and $3000 dollars. The truth is that Michelle Salas not only sports the items, but she knows how to wear them and create styles that have made her a fashion icon.


That was how she made her own way, after which during her adolescence she was only news for being the unrecognized daughter of Luis Miguel. However, it was in 2007 when ‘The Sun’ decided to approach the young woman , due to the supposed influence of her then partner Aracely Arambula.

Michelle went to live in Los Angeles, and in her words, it was the best thing she could have done because she started her own path thanks to a blog where she shared moments of her life, recipes and fashion tips. “When I left Mexico I was 17, it was a very difficult stage for me. I had grown a lot in front of the cameras, nobody knows how to handle these situations, I went to an events and they told me ‘why do you come if you are not going to talk? and I said, “Well, because they invited me.” It took me a lot of work to take that. When I went to Los Angeles, I started with the blog, working with brands, and people were interested in what I was doing, It wasn’t even about my grandmother, my mom or my dad. ”

In an interview with ‘Ventaneando’, she accepted: “There changed the perspective of my surroundings, what I wanted to say and how I wanted people to know me. It was interesting how I lived my life in front of the public, in front of the expectation of what people expected of me. People have a stereotype of me, of ‘the girl who has been given everything, the girl who has never suffered from anything’, but the blog was an opportunity for people to see me and experience how I am, “she said in 2016.

Little by little she made alliances with several brands to be her image, participate in advertising campaigns and make her way into modeling. She has worked with Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Aristocrazy, Pronovias, Tommy Hilfiger and Pantene. Because she became an influencer on social networks, in 2017 she joined the team of the magazine HELLO! as part of the HELLO! 4u project , a YouTube channel where she has revealed moments of her personal life, through blogs that follow her to her kitchen.

But without a doubt, one of the pinnacles of her short career was having been chosen to parade in Milan during a catwalk of Dolce & Gabbana where Carla Bruni, Monica Bellucci, Emily Ratajkowski and Lady Kitty Spencer, also participated.

Thanks to her work for the magazine ¡HELLO !, the public was able to follow her steps through Italy, and discover that her mother Stephanie Salas not only accompanied her on the trip, but was invited by Stefano Gabbana to join the parade.

Michelle’s Instagram account looks like a catalog of luxuries, postcards that look like magazine covers and selfies where she shows that she inherited the beauty of her great grandmother Silvia Pinal, who has never denied that Salas is one of her spoiled descendants .

However, Michelle has run into the Pinal Dynasty with her worst detractor: Frida Sofía. Although she is said to be her cousin, in reality she is her niece because Frida is the daughter of Alejandra Guzmán (cousin of Stephanie Salas), who during 2019 did not get tired of speaking badly about Salas. Tired of being compared, Frida Sofía has always stressed that Silvia Pinal is closer to Michelle. “It is that she identifies more with Michelle because Michelle is fashiony, very bloggy, she is not rebellious. And that’s fine, but she is her … nor does she want to be like me, nor do I like her. ”

As if that were not enough and despite the fact that many would believe that Luis Miguel maintains it, currently Michelle Salas says that she does not have his financial support. And although there is nothing confirmed, several months ago the version of the estrangement of father and daughter circulated because she had an affair with the manager of ‘The Sun’, who would have been so upset that he stopped talking to both of them.

The truth is that Michelle has managed to get ahead alone and even founded Milea , an online store for women’s clothes, along with her life as a model in the United States that allows her to live surrounded by luxuries without her father’s help.