Michelle Salas Gives Details Of The Accident That Took Silvia Pinal To The Hospital

The model contacted her grandmother just moments after she suffered the dramatic fall in her bedroom that caused a hip rupture.

Michelle Salas He recounted the moments of anguish he experienced after learning that his great-grandmother Silvia Pinal had been admitted to an emergency hospital in Mexico City after a hip fracture.


The daughter of Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel told in interview for the program Salt and pepper that before learning the seriousness of the state of health of Silvia, he was able to talk with her and thus he found out about the accident he had.

“I dialed her and she said: ‘Hello, my love, how are you, how long’, she had just returned from Acapulco. She says to me: ‘You know what, I just fell, I tripped on the carpet’, I listened very calmly, that is to say, at any moment, I thought that something had broken, that is, like it didn’t seem like it was that serious or that magnitude. ”

In the same way, the influencer described the anguish that she lived, especially for the moment that she lives in the world because of the Covid-19. “My grandmother had pneumonia not so long ago, so I was always very nervous about this issue, and evidently entering a hospital in this circumstance is not the best and best.”

When questioned about whether she was afraid for the diva’s well-being, Michelle He explained: “Obviously, I have been close to her for the last few years and what I have of memories, and I always try to call her, or to be on the lookout, so at the moment they tell you what happened to her something and you are so far away, it is like it gives you a certain powerlessness that is very strong ”.

Finally, Michelle Salas He confessed that until he made a video call with the matriarch of the Pinal dynasty, he was able to calm down.

“Until I did not see her face to face, on FaceTime … When I saw her and I saw her well, and I saw that she recognized me, I saw that she was with my uncle (Luis Enrique Guzmán), there I said: ‘Now!’, but 24 hours earlier I was freaky down. ”