Middle East: The World Against Donald Trump For a Peace Plan That Only Benefits Israel

Donald Trump has presented a peace plan that supports Israel's interests and hinders the creation of a Palestinian state. "The agreement of the century does not last a day" Iñaki Gabilondo was right this morning, since the proposal presented by the Republican president and the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has already been rejected by the Palestinian people and other world organizations.

The agreement of the century for the Middle East, drawn up over three years in Washington, grants Israel much of its historical aspirations while conditioning the future of a Palestinian state. During his presentation at the White House, the president of the United States said that “Israel takes a great step towards peace” in its impetus to blur the genocide that Israeli troops are carrying out with the Palestinian people, under US auspices .

Democratic members of Congress denounced Trump's peace initiative, which consolidates Israel's policy of permanent occupation, its violent colonialism and apartheid over the Palestinian people. On the one hand, Deputy Ilhan Omar called the plan "shameful and false" and tweeted: "They could have guaranteed justice and brought all this peace agreement, instead, these two heads of state accused and confronted, have a peace agreement only "for us" ». On the other hand, Senator Bernie Sanders, a presidential candidate, joined the chorus of convictions and said that "any acceptable peace agreement must be consistent with international law and the multiple resolutions of the UN Security Council."


This kind of peace plan would not put an end to the Israeli occupation that began in 1967 nor will it allow Palestinian self-determination as an independent and democratic state. Therefore, "this agreement will only perpetuate the conflict and undermine the security interests of Americans, Israelis and Palestinians," Sanders concluded. Meanwhile, Senator Chris Van Hollen criticized the plan as "diplomatic deception" and called it "anti-peace," stating that "Trump's so-called peace plan will only lead to more division and conflict. In addition, the Democrat added that "affirming that peace is advancing without the participation of one of the parties in the conflict is a diplomatic deception that undermines the possibility of a two-state solution."

The Arab Committee against Discrimination (ADC) also showed its rejection against the self-proclaimed "Agreement of the Century" warning that "it is a faulty and harmful peace plan." Thus, they explained that a solution is being introduced that “Trump falsely states that it was suggested by Israel and the Palestinians,” when truly “the president gives Israel the green light to annex the settlements of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley, a long-term objective of the State of Apartheid of Israel ”. In this regard, ADC explained that "for decades, the fallacy of a two-state solution has been the cornerstone of American politics in occupied Palestine," and therefore, "the voice of the Palestinian people is lacking in this political process. that, with this plan, solidifies an undemocratic state of apartheid where the Palestinians are second-class citizens, ”they concluded.

EU: Solution of the two States

The European Union reaffirmed its commitment to the two-state solution and an agreement negotiated in light of the revelation today of the United States plan for a solution to the Middle East conflict. Thus, the head of foreign policy of the EU, Josep Borrell, explained in a statement that "the European Union will study and evaluate the proposals submitted" by the Americans.

“This will be done on the basis of the established position of the EU and its firm and united commitment to a negotiated and viable solution of two states that takes into account the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians and Israelis, respecting all relevant resolutions of the UN and internationally agreed parameters, «he said.

Borrell also clarified that the EU reaffirms "its readiness to work towards the resumption of significant negotiations to resolve all permanent status problems and achieve a just and lasting peace."

Reaction of the Palestinian government

President Mahmoud Abbas rejected the US plan and said the leadership will begin taking immediate steps to change the functional role of the Palestinian Authority as requested by the Central Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

Abbas chaired tonight a leadership meeting called to discuss the Palestinian response to the US plan revealed Trump in the presence of the Israeli prime minister. The emergency meeting was attended by representatives of all Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The president stressed that Jerusalem and Palestinian rights are not for sale after Trump said that “the Palestinians will receive $ 50 billion in investments to develop their country and its economy. In addition, he warned that the US plan, describing it as the "coup of the century", aims to liquidate the Palestinian problem and, therefore, will not be acceptable and will rather be returned as many blows in the future. On the other hand, he stressed that the Palestinian strategy is based on continuing the struggle to end the Israeli occupation until independence and the establishment of the Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Finally, the president said he was committed to holding legislative and presidential elections in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, and stressed that "Palestinian residents of Jerusalem should participate in the elections."

The Palestinian people go out

While Donald Trump presented the agreement of the century, hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated in the main cities of the West Bank and Gaza. The demonstrations took place in Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin and Gaza City with the denunciation of the United States plan and a cry for support for the Palestinian leadership in its firm opposition to the alleged peace plan.

The Palestinian flag flew proudly during demonstrations in rejection of the US agreement and more protests are expected in the coming days as a sign of rejection.

Concentration in Madrid against the Donald Trump peace plan. Photo: Agustin Millán

Reactions in Spain

A rally has been held in Madrid before the US embassy to oppose this "agreement of the century" that only benefits Israel.

Enrique Santiago, general secretary of the PCE and deputy of United Podemos / IU, has affirmed to Diario16 the following: «The accustomed agreement of the century is another step in the ignorance of the UN resolutions on the rights of the Palestinians to have a viable homeland. This is a flagrant breach of international law because it makes it difficult to create the Palestinian state as well as facilitating the incorporation of the occupied territories into Israel, against international law and subsequent UN resolutions. This operation responds to a mutual rescue between two politicians accused of corruption and arbitrarily managing the institutions of the State they govern. Trump wants the political trial he has under way to go unnoticed. Netanyahu wants to strengthen his electoral campaign in the face of the need to win the elections. The international community, the UN and the EU must demonstrate clearly against this agreement explaining its illegal nature ».

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