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Miguel Layún Denies Problems With Guillermo Ochoa

Miguel Layún has become one of the most talked about reinforcements so far in the transfer market. The return of the player for his second stage in America has generated different reactions; However, one of the most important questions had to do with the relationship that he would lead with Guillermo Ochoa.

In this regard, Layún himself was in charge of clearing up all doubts and affirmed that his relationship with the Aguilas goalkeeper is good and that at the time it was all a misunderstanding when he pointed out that the Tricolor had “stabbed him in the back “.

“With Memo (Ochoa) I’m fine. There was a lot of speculation about that statement I made and people don’t even know who it was addressed to. I accept my guilt because I was not clear. It simply has nothing to do with any player, it was a statement where I later spoke with who to speak with and everything was clarified. I sent it because I also got a bounce message and I didn’t like it. I lacked clarity and I assume my responsibility not to say with a semicolon who it was addressed to or speak directly to that person. It was speculated that it had to do with teammates and it was not with Memo or anyone on the team. It is good to be able to clarify that my statement at that time had nothing to do with Memo Ochoa, I have no problem, he has no problem with me, we share many things in common, there are others in which we think differently, but we have the facility to express what we think and the relationship is pretty good. He is the captain and I am going to give him everything I can offer to add him to the team and that will give him another shoulder to lean on to lead and guide the team in search of the objectives we have, ”he explained.

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Regarding the role that he intends to play in the Americanist dressing room, Miguel said he was willing to share his experience and be one more in the search for group goals.

“I have had the opportunity to live together and share the pitch with everyone as a teammate and rival. The little that I have been able to feel is that they are great people. Obviously it is natural that I am the one who comes to understand the dynamics of the group, but the intention is to contribute, to be true to who I am. I respect the roles and what each one contributes and I go with the idea of ​​adding to how well the leaders of this team do things, obviously the coaching staff that has a lot of hierarchy. They are the gears that make the machine work and I become one more gear, sharing everything that is necessary. I am too competitive, I like to win, I am demanding with myself and I like that we are all as good as possible. Part of what being a leader represents is not reaching for hats and shouting, it is setting an example of what you can contribute and that is what I want to do. I do not pretend more than to lead by example and when I have to receive corrections, accept them so that this works. In the end, it is a collective goal, not a personal one, ”he shared with Fox Sports.

Finally, Layún made it clear that his idea is to lead by example and warned that he is not going to make things simple for anyone when competing for a place.

“To transmit the first thing is to do it. I see it impossible that someone can transmit something that he does not do. If the GPS shows that my colleagues ran five kilometers and I two, it is not possible, one thing has to go hand in hand with the other. The truth is I consider myself to perceive the things that happen around me, to see how my colleagues are. They are two very simple things: what I am going to do and the competition. I am not going to give anything to anyone and that does not mean that I am going to put a face on anyone; I am always open to everyone with whom I share my life, with my teammates I will do it and I am open to whatever they need from me, but that does not mean that on the court, no matter how good they fall, if I have to compete for the position I’m not going to give someone a centimeter as a gift and I’m going to make it difficult for them. That demand in the end is contagious because you cannot sleep in a team like America, nobody wants to be left behind, we all want to play and compete ”, he closed.

Miguel Layún will join the rest of the group on June 21, the date on which the group is scheduled to start preseason work.


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