Mike Bloomberg, The Donald Trump Alter Ego

Is Trump invincible? The big question posed by Democrats in their career to elect the White House candidate in the elections of November 3, 2020 is which of the candidates will have the best chance of beating the current president, Donald Trump.

Is a young centrist like Pete Buttigieg, a former vice president with experience like Joe Biden, an extraordinarily competent and left-wing woman like Elizabeth Warren, a moderate like Amy Klobuchar or the billionaire Mike Bloomberg?

Of all of them who may be the alter ego of Donald Trump is the former mayor of New York, mini Mike (measures 1.73) as the current president calls him (1.90). The two are billionaires, although Bloomberg’s fortune is 20 times that of Trump, they claim to be self-made men and politically do not fit into the establishment of Democrats and Republicans.


The race for the Democratic nomination has begun chaotically with the Iowa caucuses, where Pete Buttigieg was ahead, followed closely by Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, who also won the New Hampshire primary.

This Saturday the caucus was held in Nevada and on the last day of February the South Carolina primaries take place. They are two states with greater racial diversity than Iowa and New Hampshire.

But the competition really takes off the so-called Super Tuesday, on March 3, when the third part of the Democratic delegates in Liza will be at stake. On that date primary events are held in 14 states and that is when Mike Bloomberg will be tested.


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The billionaire who was mayor of New York for three terms (2002 to 2013) has resigned from competing in the first four states because he joined the race last November, when the rest of the candidates have already been a year or more in Bell.

No one has succeeded before with such a late start, and without having succeeded in Iowa and / or New Hampshire, but Bloomberg is not a candidate for use. As Trump was not in 2016. Nor is it now.

Despite not having competed yet, the average number of surveys conducted by RealClearPolitics places him in the lead trio, along with Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. His good prospects made it possible for him to participate in the debate on Wednesday, February 19 in Las Vegas with the strongest candidates: former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator for Vermont, Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and the former mayor of South Bend, Pete Buttigieg.

His intervention was disappointing. It is true that he was in the goal of everyone else, who lashed out mercilessly, especially Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Bernie Sanders.

But Senator Elizabeth Warren, very eloquent and very tanned in debates, managed to leave her in evidence for her history with women (her company has had several cases of harassment settled with extrajudicial agreements, for her own macho comments and for her racist policy when she was mayor of New York). For Warren it was like an awakening, since his voting achievements are very limited at the moment.

Doubts about his real chances of imposing himself against the favorite, Bernie Sanders, have multiplied this week. “Michael Bloomberg, serious contender or vanity candidate?” The Financial Times titled an article in the weekend edition.

President Donald Trump made fun of his poor performance, which, in his opinion, was “the worst in history.” Trump also often boasts how Bloomberg sometimes said he admired the real estate sector millionaire and current White House tenant.

The Bloomberg campaign is articulated around the motto Mike will get it done! in a game with Boris Johnson’s slogan about Brexit (Get Brexit done) and a clear allusion that he is the only one who can beat Trump.

The goal of Bloomberg and his monumental communication team is for the Democrats to dismiss Bernie Sanders, whom they consider their strongest rival. Sanders defines himself as a socialist democrat and Trump portrays him as the embodiment of communism.

The veteran senator already tried in 2016, but it was finally Hillary Clinton, former secretary of state and former first lady, who faced Trump who won in popular votes, but not in electoral votes.

The veteran senator for Vermont, who suffered a heart attack a couple of months ago, is preferred as a contender for Donald Trump. It would allow him to present an extreme polarization campaign, a terrain in which Trump moves wonderfully.

Bloomberg is trying to make the debate slip soon. It has a well-oiled machinery at your service. He has spent more than 300 million dollars only on ads, from audiovisual spots to memes by influencers with Instagram mastery.

He is the only candidate who self-finances. At the moment he has not accepted financial support from donors. You can afford it. Bloomberg’s fortune is around 62,000 million dollars, according to Forbes estimates.

It has more assets than all the other candidates together, including Trump. And it is 620,000 times higher than Pete Buttigieg, which barely has about $ 100,000. If I were president, I would be the richest in history. Is it enough to be exultantly rich to get to the White House? No, but it helps a lot.

He has hired a mega-team of advice and communication that has more than 2,000 people in 43 states. They are well paid, at least $ 70,000 a year, and expect to receive their salaries until November, no matter what happens in the electoral race.

According to The New Yorker, it is those who are manufacturing a new profile of Bloomberg, who is willing to invest 10 billion dollars in being born again (as an object of desire of the general public). At the moment, its history weighs much more.

Two brands: Trump versus Bloomberg

Trump and Bloomberg are like two sides of the same coin. In fact, in the past they have professed admiration, as the president of the United States remembers. «He said he loved me», he usually remembers in his meetings.

Bloomberg has acknowledged that, although it does not coincide with many of Trump’s approaches, over short distances he is a fun and friendly man, with whom he has understood well.

The two have become successful brands, Trump and Bloomberg. Their companies bear their names, and their relationship with their parties is circumstantial.

In fact, Bloomberg was a Republican when he began as mayor, supported the re-election of George W. Bush, but then backed Obama in 2012. Trump has transformed the Republican Party since his emergence as an exceptional candidate in 2016.

Senator Elizabeth Warren He took advantage of the fact that the two are immensely rich to throw it in the face of Bloomberg. “It would be very dangerous for Democrats to replace one millionaire in the White House with another,” said Warren this week, who wanted to make it clear that the former mayor of New York differs little from the current president.

Democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another. It’s time to have a president who is on the side of working families — and is willing to get out there and fight for them. #DemDebate pic.twitter.com/SyxGIpcGCS

– Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) February 20, 2020

The two presume to be self-made men. Actually, it’s true in the case of Mike Bloomberg, who was born on February 14, 1942 in a middle class family in Medford, Massachusetts. His father, Williams, was an accountant in a dairy and his mother, Charlotte, a housewife.

However, Donald Trump’s father already made a fortune in real estate, although his grandfather had arrived from Germany with a suitcase where everything he had could fit and his mother was a domestic employee just arrived from Scotland when he met his father.

William Bloomberg never exceeded the income of $ 6,000 annually and worked his entire life six or seven days a week. In that work culture, the former mayor of New York was educated. His father died at age 57 and his mother at 102. He usually says he plans to live until 125.

“My mother taught me that you had to do what you had to do without complaining,” says Bloomberg in his autobiography, Bloomberg by Bloomberg, published in 1997. He also tells how to inform his mother that he had been at Harvard Business School , she said: “Don’t let it go to your head.”

Bloomberg declares to be a family person thanks to them, and to his sister Marjorie. Of Jewish origin, he married in 1976 and has two daughters, Emma, ​​turned to philanthropic organizations and Georgina, who was a horseman and now writes novels.

Michael Bloomberg, who is a grandfather twice, divorced in 1993 and has not remarried, but his partner since 2000 is Diana Taylor, who was superintendent of New York banks. Trump, however, has married three times, the last one with Melania, a model born in Slovenia, and has five children, including Ivanka, who advises him in the White House as well as his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

There I was 39 years old and with a message that echoed in my head: ‘Here you have 10 million dollars. You are history ‘», tells Bloomberg about his dismissal of Salomon Brothers

Mike Bloomberg starts his memories with an event that marked his destiny. «There I was, with 39 years, and with a message that echoed in my head:‘ Here you have ten million dollars. You are history ‘».

He had been thrown out of his well-paid job at Salomon Brothers. He began the month of August 1981 on the street after having dedicated 15 years of his life, 12 hours a day, six days a week to the financial company.

What did he do then? He created his own financial information company, Bloomberg, a business that has led him to amass the eighth fortune of the United States.

It currently owns 88% of this company, which earned $ 10 billion in benefits in 2018. It employs 20,000 people in 120 countries. It claims to be the largest philanthropist in the United States. He has promised to sell the company if he is president. He will also resign from salary.

Trump’s businesses are much more murky and less transparent than Bloomberg’s. The president’s fortune is estimated to exceed $ 3 billion, much lower than Bloomberg.

In a symbolic nod to convey the idea of ​​how Trump and Bloomberg resemble each other, at least when they speak, Politico has compiled several sentences from the two and invites us to guess who said what. For example: “People need to know that life, whether we like it or not, is based on a quid pro quo” (Bloomberg writes it in his memoirs, but Trump would subscribe). “If I ever compete for the Presidency, I will do so as a Democrat rather than as a Republican, and it is not because I am more liberal, but because I am a conservative” (Trump in an interview in 1990).

Senator Bernie Sanders, in response to Bloomberg’s attacks that refers to how the president does not hide his preference for the senator for Vermont as an opponent, has rescued a photo of Bloomberg and Trump together in a very friendly attitude playing golf to insist on Warren’s idea: they are more of the same.

There are some substantial differences between them such as the battle that Bloomberg is fighting to control the use of weapons in the United States, while Trump is a strong advocate of the second amendment, despite the killings that have taken place under his mandate.

Trump doesn’t mind looking macho or racist, but Bloomberg does, although some of his quotes are terrible. “It is a fact that if a woman goes through a construction and does not hear a whistle it will happen again and again until she hears it.” «Let me say it clearly: I am single, I am straight, a millionaire in Manhattan. How about? It is like a wet dream ».

In fact, Jamelle Bouie writes in The New York Times about the “trumpist liberalism of Michael Bloomberg,” in relation to his latent racism. «Donald Trump is who he is as a politician because of his racist and complex views of the American nation. Trump’s America is white, and he sees that it is his mission to protect whites from blacks, and from all those of other races that endanger the status of whites, ”writes Bouie, who considers Bloomberg to be its democratic equivalent. .

Bound is based on Bloomberg’s record as mayor of New York, when he ordered the police to apply the norm called stop and frisk, which was applied indiscriminately especially with the African-American population. Now Bloomberg has said he regrets it, but it is not easy for these communities to forget it. 80% of the 4.4 million people registered by this tactic were African-American, especially young men.

According to the New York Times columnist, “given his record, Bloomberg is someone who could consolidate trumpism, in other ways … Yes, Bloomberg may be the one who can defeat Trump at the polls, but he is also the one who could put the seal trumpist to American liberalism ». Will trumpism survive Trump?


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