Mike Bloomberg will participate tonight in his first presidential debate

Mike Bloomberg Will Participate Tonight In His First Presidential Debate

Las Vegas – Democratic presidential candidates are getting ready for their ninth debate tonight in Las Vegas, the first in which Mike Bloomberg, former mayor of New York and billionaire owner of a news and financial information agency will participate.

Bloomberg has proven to have the power of an essentially unlimited budget, but on Wednesday night he will have to face directly with five other contestants who have already been debating for months, attending party assemblies and answering voter questions.

There are five basic questions before Wednesday night’s showdown in Las Vegas:


How will Bloomberg perform?

No candidate has the potential to change the race for the Democratic presidential nomination more than Bloomberg. He has spent more than $ 400 million on propaganda and as a result has made progress in national surveys.

How will Bloomberg face the inevitable attacks of his rivals and how will he personally appeal to voters?

Who will receive more hits?

The internal Democratic race is entering a critical phase, in which Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is among the first places, while the more moderate candidates divide the rest. However, Sanders doesn’t even reach 30% in the polls.

It is likely that Sanders is one of those who receive the most attacks during the debate, but Bloomberg will surely be unbelievable as well. In the previous debate it was the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, who attracted most of his rivals’ fire.

How to handle the issue of immigration?

Nevada is a state with an important immigrant population and it will be almost inevitable for the candidates to touch on the issue, which has been particularly complicated for former Vice President Joe Biden, repeatedly confronted by the high number of deportations under the Barack Obama administration.

At the end of last week, Biden called the pace of deportations in Obama’s first term “a big mistake” during an interview with Univision driver Jorge Ramos.

How will Klobuchar do now?

The debate before the New Hampshire primary proved to be a lifesaver for Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar. His solid performance represented millions of dollars in donations during the night and, a few days later, a surprising third place, probably at the expense of Buttigieg, who finished in a second place close to Sanders. Now with the participation of Bloomberg, will there be another emerging star on Wednesday night?

Can Warren rebound?

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren could have a prominent night at the expense of Bloomberg, as her political career stems from her revulsion for the role of big capitals in politics.