Mike Pence Will Be Tested For COVID-19

Washington – US Vice President Mike Pence announced Saturday that he will undergo the coronavirus test with his wife, Karen, after a collaborator tested positive for COVID-19, although he assured that “there is no reason to believe “that you have been exposed to the virus.

“A member of my staff tested positive for the coronavirus, we found out yesterday afternoon. I am pleased to report that he is fine, he had symptoms like a cold for a day and a half,” Pence said during the daily press conference at the White House headed by President Donald Trump.

Pence indicated that the official has not attended the White House since Monday and clarified that neither he nor the president have had direct contact with that person.


“Given my unique position as vice president and as leader of the White House coronavirus task force, they will test both me and my wife,” said the vice president, who insisted that the doctor at the White House assured him that there was no need to test him.

The information about the Pence team official infected by the virus was released yesterday by his press secretary, Katie Miller, who since then pointed out that neither the president nor the vice president had “close contact” with the person.

The state of New York decreed yesterday that all non-essential service employees must stop going to their jobs and working from their homes in order to reduce the rate of coronavirus infections, while in California a quarantine of which only basic services are delivered.

US coronavirus cases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are around 15,219 (between confirmed and suspected) and 201 deaths, although calculations by Johns Hopkins University point to 19,931 cases confirmed in the country and 275 dead, 83 of them in Washington state, 56 in New York and 24 in California.



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