Mike Pompeo Confirmed That He Participated In The Call Between Donald Trump And Volodymyr Zelensky

Mike Pompeo confirmed on Wednesday that participated as a listener in the phone call between President Donald Trump and his Ukrainian couple Volodymyr Zelensky, which has generated a political storm and argued that the conversation focused on priorities of the United States government.


Democrats are investigating Trump's request to the president of Ukraine during a July 25 phone call to inquire about the former vice president Joe biden, a fact that he met last week thanks to the complaint of an informant.

"I was on the phone call", the US secretary of state assured journalists during a visit to Italy, confirming previous press reports.

He further noted that Trump's comments were made in the context of US policy, including the fight against corruption in the state of Eastern Europe, the boost to the economy and "Eliminate the threat that Russia represents for Ukraine."

“I know precisely what US policy is regarding Ukraine, it has been remarkably consistent. We will continue trying to boost those results ”, said the head of US diplomacy.

However, he did not specifically answer a question about whether he heard something in the phone call that had worried him or that had generated alarms.

Pompeo objected on Tuesday the decision of the US House of Representatives to obtain the statement of five officials and former employees of your portfolio as part of an investigation into a possible political trial and accused the Democrats of harassment, intimidation and harassment. "I will not tolerate this type of tactics and I will use all the means at my disposal to prevent and expose any attempted harassment of these dedicated professionals to whom I am proud to lead and serve," he said.

When asked about his concerns, Pompeo said that State Department employees were contacted directly by lawmakers or their staff and were told not to speak with the legal advice of the portfolio.

“What we object to are the demands that deeply violate the fundamental principles of separation of powers”, criticized the secretary of state.

"There are important constitutional prerogatives so that the executive branch is present so that it can protect important information, so that our partners … can trust that the information they deliver to the State Department will continue to be protected," he added.

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