Mike Pompeo, On The Report For Donald Trump's Political Trial: ‘He's All Wrong’

The US Secretary of State UU., Mike Pompeo, considered today, December 5, 2019 in Lisbon that the report promoted by the Democrats to base the possible "impeachment" (political trial) of President Donald Trump is "wrong."

"Everything is wrong," Pompeo simply answered when he was questioned during a joint press conference with Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva during his visit to Lisbon.

The Secretary of State made no further comments on the report approved by the Democrats, which will serve as the basis for his possible imputation, and that Trump himself described Wednesday as a "joke" and "misfortune."


The text was prepared after more than two months of investigation by the Intelligence Committee of the Lower House, which has led so far investigations against Trump, and will help the Congressional Judiciary Committee decide whether to write charges against the president and recommend a trial politician.

The Democrats began the process following accusations that Trump asked the President of Ukraine Vladimyr Zelensky to investigate the aspiring Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, although the US president insists he has done nothing wrong.

During his press conference in Lisbon, Pompeo was also asked about the decision of the United States to withdraw its legal objection to Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

"Our position was very clear. We respect the settlements, we conclude that under international law they are not illegal. We have the right, we trust it," he said.

The Portuguese Foreign Minister, meanwhile, acknowledged that the two countries have different positions – Portugal, like the European Union, considers Israeli settlements illegal – but reiterated that there is "respect" on the part of both.



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