Miley Cyrus Already Went! Liam Hemsworth Shows Up With His New Love Look!

After a scandalous and painful separation, it seems that Liam Hemsworth has already completely forgotten about his ex-wife Miley Cyrus, and is not afraid to bet on love again.

Some time ago it was confirmed that The Hunger Games actor He is formally dating the beautiful model Gabriella Brooks.Related NewsThe celebrity decided it was time to make an outing in pairs with his brother Luke and his sister-in-law Samantha. And The Ivy restaurant in Los Angeles was the official site that found them under the lenses.

Photos show Gabriella Brooks with sunglasses, high-waisted jeans, a white tank top and boots, leaving the place in front of Liam. At the end of 2019 this rumor began about the unexpected romance between the two, and now it was confirmed that the thing is going seriously between the 30-year-old actor

and the model of 21.


Unfortunately for the privacy of the new couple, the cameras seem to be present at every step they take, as they had already been registered in Australia just when the Australian introduced Gabriella with her parents.

Apparently the fans of the artist should prepare to see many photos and videos of the new relationship of the famous, which is undoubtedly a total romantic.